Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It Finally Happened!!

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For the past 5 plus years, Tom and I have talked about going to Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, NV. Each year it seems that is doesn't work out for us to attend for any number of reasons and each year we look at each other and say "Next year we'll be there!"

This year, Tom turned 30 (I know...his expiration date is fast approaching...I kid..I kid..I'm two years older than him so I can't really say anything...lol) and I planned to give him a trip to Olympia as a gift. Accommodations were taken care of, the sitter for The Princess was handled, and all the other little things were falling into place...right up until the moment he decided that I should compete in a November show! I was adamant that I did not want to be prepping while in Vegas for Olympia weekend. We both know how we like to do Vegas and I can tell you it is NOT conducive to prep! With heavy hearts we decided to scrap the plans to attend this year's Olympia and focus on getting me ready for my last show of the year.

Eeeekkk!! I'm going to Olympia!!!
Our plans changed, however, when we ran into the owner of our gym and he gave us two free tickets to the Olympia. We knew it would be a scramble to make it work but we said it was obvious that the powers that be wanted us to attend! Expedia hooked it up with a reasonable room rate at the Riviera, Budget practically gave us our rental car for free (being a Costco member has some definite perks), and pay day just happened to fall on the day we were leaving :)

We made it!!

I have a crap ton of pictures from the weekend and so many things I want to tell you guys about! But, it's late and I have to get up at 4:45 am to own my morning cardio session so I'll have to wait to tell you about the incredible experience I had.

Before I go, let me tell you this. I have never been so overwhelmed, giddy, in awe, and motivated in my life. It was quite the experience to see so many competitors that I look up to in person versus in a magazine or on a computer screen!

Taking a breather at the Expo!
This past weekend was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so thankful to everyone (my husband, Frank, my in-laws) who made it happen.

Wow!! What else can I say besides that?!?


  1. Ooooooh! I cannot wait for pictures and to read more! I'm going to live vicariously through you!
    Maybe I should ask for that as a late birthday present next year. ~scheming~

  2. OMG! I bet it was an INCREDIBLE experience!! I always say I'm going to the Olympia too but I've been $500 behind since like...2006.

  3. Wow, that's quite a leap in flip-flops! HA

  4. SO exciting! I cannot wait to see the pictures! You look incredible!!

    And pay day falls on the day we leave for Vegas too! I have decided that I will have to make sure that we always travel on pay day, lol :)

  5. Looks like it was an awesome experience! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  6. It was FANTASTIC! We were there Saturday! Would have been fun to meet you! :) Glad you had a great weekend! Looking forward to hearing more of your experience

  7. How cool!!! Congrats T! Looks like you both had a blast :)

  8. Soooo jealous! I bet it was amazing. I need to make it one of these years ;)

  9. Aw man! You made it that's awesome. Congrats :)
    I'd like to go one day. Your jumping pic is awesome. You and Tom look so beautiful together.