Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Release Tuesday

I don't remember where I heard this song 
but I heard it last week, and 
it's been living in my head ever since!

My ears are so happy with all of the 
new music I've been discovering lately.

I hope your ears are enjoying it as well!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life. Plain & Simple.

I can't get a blogging schedule in place. I just can't do it. I have no idea what is wrong with me but I will start the day with every intention on blogging and then next thing I know, the day is over! What the shit as my mother-in-law would say :)

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Hangin' out with my girl Lo on my birthday

The Princess and I enjoying a giggle at our birthday dinner!

13!?!? Where did the time go!?!?

Birthdays have been taking place. Not only mine but The Princess as well! It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that I have a teenager now...especially a teenager who is, eerily at times, very similar to me. She is a great kid and thankfully, she is a lot like her father as well (whew!). 

My sister with our parents on her birthday
My sister will be having her second baby in the next couple of months. Action Jaxon is getting bigger every day and he is a ridiculous amount of fun.

I love Reese's Oreos!

So does Jaxon!
He loves his Aunt T and Uncle Tommy. It could be the marshmallows and other treats we bribe him with but who cares. We taught him how to "make a muscle" - it's the cutest thing ever - I need to get a picture of him doing it! 

I'm trying not to die and Tom needs to turn the moment into a photoshoot :)

Sometimes I just need to lay down...catch my breath...and snap a photo :)

Baby boulders!

4 am and the gym is empty. #happymeathead

Training has been going well! I have been focusing on some of my weaker areas (cough cough...legs & glutes...cough cough) and these workouts are BRUTAL!!!! I love that I'm having to push myself in a way I haven't before - it keeps things fun & interesting.

New pre-workout from Eat the Bear

Love this tank! You can get one from Iron Bros Health.

yyyyeeeeaaahhh buddy!
Samples from the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series!

A sample of one of the GAT products Iron Bros Health carries.
This stuff is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

The guys always have the best care packages put together for me!

#supplementswag  :)
I'm extremely lucky to have to such a great sponsor in Iron Bros Health! They always take such great care of me and make sure I have the supplements I need to support my training and keep me healthy. This is especially important since it looks like I will be competing again this year. 

Yes. You read that right. Another show.

If all goes well and the body holds up, I will be stepping on stage on October 25th & 26th! The goal is to present a tighter, lean, more polished package than I have the last two times I've stepped on stage this year. 

Cross your fingers. 

It's definitely going to be an interesting ride!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Delirious (Boneless) ft. Kid Ink - Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Tujamo

When this songs come on and I'm on the StairMonster,
I own those steps like a muthaf@*%king boss!!
I'm not kidding.

I do the pucker my lips, shoulder shrug, nodding of the head thing.
I can't help it. This is some good stuff!!!

Another recent discovery thanks to iTunes Radio!