Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Release Tuesday

It seems like everyone is in a group these days, doesn't it?
I'm not a huge fan of girl groups or boy bands
(with the exception of Boyz II Men and Backstreet Boys --
do I really need to explain myself?!!?)
but I do like this particular song. 

Has anyone seen this group perform?
I'm intrigued to see how they sound live....hmm....

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Remember That One Time..?

Back in May, I posted about a photo shoot for a Firefighters Wives calendar that I had recently participated in. I shared with you some of the "behind-the-scenes" pictures that my sister-in-law had taken as well as sharing some "nuggets" of information that I had learned from the shoot like "Jan Tana Hi-Def Glaze isn't only for figure competitions" and "Showin' your ass in public is always more fun when you have your crazy sister-in-law and husband with you". 
* if you missed the post, you can read here--> It Was For Charity

Well, I have another nugget of information to share with you.....


I have been impatiently patiently waiting to see which of my photos was selected for the calendar, which month I am, and how everyone else's photos came out! When I saw on Facebook that pre-orders were officially being taken, I submitted mine....and waited....! Last week, I came home from work and there it sat. The envelope containing my calendar order!

My sister-in-law's reaction to my calendar picture :)

I'm very happy to announce that I am Mrs. July 2015...lol...and the picture that was chosen didn't make my parents cringe too much :)

Last week, I had the opportunity to promote the calendar on a local radio station with Justin (founder of Firefighters vs. Autism) and one of the firefighters that posed for the men's calendar. It was a lot of fun and of course, I was asked about working out and if I was flexing in my calendar picture. I made some remark about how hard it was to suck in my stomach, flex, take shallow breaths, and attempt to give the camera "the eye". The radio interview was a lot of fun and I'm really happy that my work schedule allowed me to participate!

Yes...he was just as gorgeous in person... *drool*
Being involved in this project from the photo shoot to now promoting the finished product has been amazing and incredibly humbling. This organization is made up of firefighters and families who have made it their mission to do what they can to educate others about the dangers of wandering & drowning that are highly common among those within the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The fact that Justin and Jason (photographer) felt that I could contribute in some way to this project & mission is still astounding to me!

I would love it if each of you considered purchasing a calendar, whether it's the Firefighters or the Firefighters' Wives version (but let's be honest....this is really the one you want...lol) or if the calendars aren't really your thing, you can always send in a donation!

And you don't even have to ask....yes....I'm willing to sign your calendars..... ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Release Tuesday

I remember the first time I saw Gwen Stefani.
It was in the "I'm Just A Girl" video and instantly,
I was in love.

I still love Gwen but I have to be honest, 
I didn't love this song the first time I heard it.
it's grown on me.
I even do a little wiggle when I hear it!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Final Decision....

Things have been a bit crazy (to put it simply) since my last show in July. Cliff Note's version  - I lost my coach (what is it with me & coaches this year!?!!?). I ate too much. Work became chaotic. My stress levels were ridiculously high and so I ate more. I may have even drank...a lot....! I hired a new coach. I picked a show date. I started prep. My body was not really feelin' it.

You might be asking what I mean by "not really feelin' it". Well when I received my diet from my coach and started following it, I promptly saw a double digit increase in my weight. I may have screamed "are you f@$king kidding me?" the first time I stepped on the scale & saw the new number and gotten teary. Pictures were sent to coach followed by a telephone call. The decision was made to make a few specific food item substitutions and see how my body responded. If my body didn't drop any weight, we would stop prepping for the show and start focusing on my off-season.

Can you guess what happened?

Coach pressed the stop button.

When we came to the final decision that I wouldn't compete, I did my best to be positive about it. I told myself that I had been dieting all year....that I had a winning season....that I needed time off to grow & make changes....and while all of that sounded great, it still didn't take away the feeling I had that I had failed. That for the first time since I started competing, I was unable to finish a prep and step on stage. I had started something that I couldn't finish.

It's been a few weeks since I've officially been in "off-season" or as I like to call it "Operation Physique Overhaul" and I'm adjusting. I'm learning to enjoy the flexibility that I now have with my meals. I'm learning how to acknowledge that the work & effort I put in right now while directly affect what happens next season. I'm learning how to give the power & decision making over to someone else. And thanks to recent #jesussmacks (or truth texts from certain friends) - I'm learning to stop comparing myself to others and focus on myself & my journey. I'm also learning that it's okay to acknowledge that I have the potential to be successful & do some really awesome things in this sport.

Some days are better than others but it's a process, a lesson, a marathon....I just have to keep moving forward...

Show or no show...still taking ridiculous flexing selfies ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Release Tuesday

Hi! My name is Tenecia and I am a terrible blogger.

Please know that I'm very sorry and I promise to do better.

Please accept this #earcandy as a token of my appreciation 
for your patience and tolerance of my ridiculousness!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


There is one thing I don't really have to worry about when I'm prepping for a show....and that is TRAINING!

I love to train. I love that clang the plates make when they hit one another. I love my home away from home aka my gym. I have fallen in love with my early morning workouts. I love walking out of the gym and thinking "I just killed that workout!".

That post-workout "glow" :)

There are times when I'm certain my head is going to explode if I don't get a weight in my hand right that instant. I'm serious. I've actually said those words...out loud....if that doesn't make me a gym rat, I'm not sure what does...lol!

My "I Think My Coach is Trying to Kill Me" face!

The idea of being the only female on the free weight floor used to scare the shit outta me. If Tom wasn't at the gym with me, I wouldn't go "over there" aka where the weights & scary beefy guys were. I was scared that they would make fun of me for doing exercises wrong, lifting too light, being a female, etc. But as time went on and I became more comfortable with lifting, I couldn't care less if I am the only female in the free weight area. Do some of the male gym members still give me the "what are you doing here?" look? Yes, they do but I just give them my "watch what I can do" look back :)

posted on my Instagram

There are times when I want to give up because I'm not sure I am mentally/physically/emotionally strong enough to continue competing. There are times when I question if this is the sport for me. There are also times when I wonder if I have what it takes to go the distance, to keep pushing forward.

The answer may vary from day to day but here's what I do know, I won't know what I'm capable of it if I don't at least try!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Any Plans?

Folks have been asking me if I'm going to compete in another show before the year ends and the answer to that question is "I don't know". That might sound ridiculous and kind of dumb to you when you read it but it's the truth!

Towards the end of last year, I began planning my 2014 "competition season". I had recently found out that there would be a new NPC show in Arizona (the NPC Dennis James Classic) so that show immediately went on my calendar. At the time, I was working with Randy from BYB Fitness and we discussed the possibility of me stepping on stage at Jr USA's in Charleston so that went on my calendar as well. I also wrote in USAs in July which, if I had to pick, was the one show I really really wanted to do! Plans were made....training schedules were put into place...

Then life happened.

Life happened and all my plans went to shit.

My old plan was no longer workable so I created a new plan. This new plan consisted of new show dates - the NPC Dennis James Classic and the NPC Terminator. The new plan consisted of shaking off my anger and hurt feelings and focusing on preparing myself for my first show of the year. The new plan consisted of me finding self-confidence and determination to prove that I could step on stage and be a force to be reckoned with.

The NPC Dennis James Classic came and went. I placed 3rd and given the road I had taken to get to the show, I was slightly disappointed but relieved that I had placed. Then I made a change to my new plan. I started working with a new coach and started considering the possibility of stepping on the national stage before the year ended. It would not be the national show my heart was set on but it would still be a national show.

Then life happened.

Life happened and the new plan went to shit.

I was confused. I was lost. I was angry. I was sad. I was angry. I was scared. But you know one thing I wasn't?

A quitter.

So, another new plan was put into place and right now I'm working that plan. That plan consists of a new training schedule, a new nutrition plan, and another competition way off in the distance. So when folks ask me if I'm doing another show before the end of the year and I tell them "I don't know", I'm not being secretive or coy or a jerk. At this point, I really don't know.

What I know is that when it's time, I'll be ready...bedazzled suit, stripper heels, and all!.