Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Release Tuesday

Y'all know I'm doing my own
"I'm All About That Bass" dance, don't you??

Diggin' the message of the song and
let's be real, we've all wanted
to bump a skinny bitch with our juicy booty ;)


Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Did It!!!

Remember in my Shame On Me!! post when I said

 "I've also handed the reins over to someone else in order to be
 more competitive (would love to win an overall title one day!), 
make the necessary changes to my physique, 
and get my nutrition on point."? 

Well, it happened!!! 

photo credit

Last Saturday I won Figure Class A and the Overall Figure title at the NPC Terminator! I was honestly in shock! After prejudging, I thought that I had placed second in the class and I was perfectly ok with that. But in the end, it was my number and name that they called when they announced first place & the overall winner. I can't describe to you what it felt like to be standing in the middle of that line, tiara on my head, 1st place trophy at my feet, hearing my friends and family cheer for me. It was an amazing feeling and I will never forget it!

I know a recap (not only for this show but the Dennis James Classic) is necessary but I don't want to do that in this post. Right now I would like to take the time to thank a few folks!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Thank you to Tom aka The Boss #2 - my unofficial coach & trainer, "It's Crunch Time" reminder, and partner in crime. I know prep is hard, not only for me but you as well. I know that the last few months have been crazy with all of the changes but you stuck it out with me and even made me grilled cheese sandwiches! Thank you for supporting and sometimes carrying me on your shoulders (even if I'm a walrus)! 
  • Thank you to my incredible family (Mom, Dad, Reecie, Jonathan, Uncle James, Aunt Margaret, Little James, Clarisse, Josh, Josue, Pam, Jack, Crissy) for putting up with my "I can't have that" on Family Day, listening to my boring prep talk, and coming to my show! I love you guys and know that I couldn't have accomplished so many of the things that I have without you guys!
  • Thank you to my #IronFamily! Nate, Jimmy, Pancho, Philip, and Brandy! You guys are so amazing. The encouragement, support, love, and positive energy you provide is more than a meathead could ever ask for! :)
  • Thank you to my gym Desert Sports & Fitness, specifically Joella and Steve! I appreciate you guys making sure that not only I, but all of the other DSF members have a top notch gym to get gains in :)       Joella - thank you again for all of the times you've been my post office box and let me sneak my meals into the refrigerator. I'm pretty sure I owe you more Starbucks, yogurt parfaits, and chocolate than I can keep track of. Steve - I know I'm you're favorite. That's why you give me so much shit, right?? :) Thanks for keeping things interesting!
  • Thank you to my amazing friends (Lo, KC, Marissa, Chelsea, Savannah, Jenny, and everyone else I forgot to name)! I have never been that girl who had a large group of friends but the friends I did have were/are QUALITY. You have no idea what your texts, lunches, video messages, shopping dates, dinner dates, etc mean to me. You help me keep my sanity. You remind me that despite my craziness & my tendency to close myself off - there are still people who want to be a part of my life and care for me. I don't deserve you but am so thankful for you. 
  • Thank you to Mason for helping me prepare for this show. I know we didn't have a lot of time to work together but I'm definitely happy with what we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. P.S. Dafuq is "carb sensitive"?? ;)
  • Thank you to those of you reading this! I know I haven't been as consistent with this thing as I have been in the past but I appreciate you still being here and following me on this wacky journey. You guys rock my world!

Now....where did I put my tiara?? :)