Monday, June 23, 2014

Shame on Me!!

It's been over a month since the last time I posted something! That's a damn shame. I offer no excuses. I go from feeling like I don't have much to say to feeling like I have so much to share but can't manage to form a coherent sentence.

What can I say?? I'm a hot damn mess :)

Let's talk competitions! I promise at some point to provide a proper recap post but right now, I'll just give you the Cliff's Notes version. I competed in Figure at the Dennis James Classic in Phoenix on May 31st. While my prep for the show was full of craziness, I arrived in Phoenix feeling pretty solid about the physique I would be presenting. In the end, I walked away with 3rd place. As I always do after each show, I emailed the head judge for feedback so I'm intrigued to find out what he has to say.

Here are some pictures to hold you over until I get an actual recap done!

Brandi (fellow #IronGal) and I met Dennis James after athlete check-ins!

Officially checked in - Figure Class D! 

Originally I had planned to do two July competitions following the Dennis James Classic but that plan has been completely revamped :)

My next show will be the NPC Terminator and it's in a little less than 3 weeks! The really awesome thing about this show is that it's here in Tucson! The Princess will be able to attend the show (I've been instructed that "you better win it, Mom!") as well as other family members, some of my friends, and my #IronFamily. It will also be fun to hang out with everyone after the show - bring on the food, booze, and shenanigans!

I've also handed the reins over to someone else in order to be more competitive (would love to win an overall title one day!), make the necessary changes to my physique, and get my nutrition on point. Past coach/athlete relationships did not work out as well as I had anticipated so I was hesitant to hire a new coach. I really figured Tom & I could continue to do this competition thing on our own for the remainder of this year and then when it was time, we would have a serious conversation about whether or not I should continue to compete.

While at the Dennis James Classic, I ran into a coach/trainer that I've come to know over the past few years. His fiancee and I have competed together at some of the same shows and as recently as a month ago, one of his clients rented one of my competition suits for her national debut. He and I politely chit-chatted like we usually do and then I heard myself saying something about me feeling like it was time for us to talk seriously about becoming one of his athletes. About a week after the show, I called him and we had a great conversation (complete with "AHA" moments for me) about my goals, my training, nutrition, etc. I didn't want to make any decisions without Tom's input so he & Tom spoke to one another the next night. In the end, Tom told me the decision was mine to make and he would support me no matter what I chose to do. He added that he appreciated that this particular coach was willing to not only answer questions from me but my husband as well. Tom told me he liked what he heard and thought it would be smart of me to work with him. What could I say after that!?! :)

Two weeks ago, I officially hired Mason of Team MFit AZ as my coach/trainer and from the moment I put myself in his hands, he has been whoopin' my ass!

The last couple of weeks have been an adjustment, not only because of my new training & meal plans but work as well. Mason asked me how I was feeling during my check in over the weekend and I told him, "Like shit" (I was being slightly dramatic) but he explained to me what changes he saw taking place and then  sent me this photo:

Of course I could pick this apart but bottom line, I look better 2 weeks out than I did one day out from my last show. It's been tough and I've felt weak at times but I know, to my core, that there's some good stuff on the other side (maybe a set of Dwight Howard shoulders??!?! lol). Both Mason & I have high expectations (no pressure!) and I don't want to let my new coach & team down - so I will do what needs to be done, even if that means wanting to knock over a StairMill!!


  1. So much!!! And 3 weeks?! Eeek!
    But you look stellar!!

  2. wow, wow, wow, you look incredible!
    excited for your recap!

  3. You did amazing! And you will continue to do amazing no matter what you do! I remember Jason being back stage when I did the AZ Open show and also saw him train a few times when I lived in the East Valley. I have no doubt you'll do great! I always look forward to your updates. You know I'm living my competition desires thru you! ha! lol! Keep on rocking T!