Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jerky Addiction!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you a short review on the jerky I received from the oh so fantastic folks over at Simply Snackin'. Some things I want to tell you that I forgot to include in the video - their jerky is made with 100% natural ingredients and most varieties are lactose & gluten-free! Jerky is made with only whole sirloin and whole chicken breasts when most other dried meats use muscle cuts and poultry parts! This  is some incredibly good stuff - you guys know how serious I am about my food so you know I wouldn't lie!

Connect with Simply Snackin' on their official website, like them on Facebook, follow on Instagram (@simplysnackin) or catch them on Twitter!


  1. i cant open the video but im sure you are keeping it real!!!1
    oh and way off subject,but i love the pic of you and your daughter on the suioxcounty banner!!!!

  2. I think I fixed it! *crosses fingers*

    And thank you! It's one of my favorite pictures of us!


  3. beef with cranberries and blueberries???sounds like an unlikely combo!
    oh and yeah,next video,post that happy wiggle!!!!
    if you need me to send you cupcakes,just let me know!