Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm a "Gym Don't"....Sort Of....

Yesterday while I was at the gym, a guy made a comment about my eyeshadow. I can’t remember what the exact comment was but it made me realize that he, along with the other folks who see me when I go to the gym, probably think I’m a “gym don’t”!

Let me explain….

Most people who go to the gym to actually work out (I’m not even gonna talk about the folks who go to the gym, sit on a weight bench, and talk on their cell phones with dumbbells at their feet) have a list of don’ts for the gym. A few are listed below:

1) Don’t stay on the cardio equipment longer than permitted
2) Don’t wear jeans to work out
3) Don’t leave a sweat puddle on a machine and walk away without wiping it down
4) Don’t grunt so loudly while lifting that everyone thinks you’re having a baby
5) Don’t show up to the gym with a full face of makeup *

Number 5 is the reason why I’m a “don’t” but only sort of!!!

Hear me out!!!

I go to the gym during my lunch hour. I, of course, have applied my fantastic eye makeup (courtesy of MAC Cosmetics! MAC Whore is the house!! Holla!!) prior to arriving at work and don’t want to wipe it all off just for a gym session in the middle of my day (yes, I’m lazy). I still have to go back to work when I’m done working out and I’m not reapplying my eye makeup!

So, I arrive at the gym with a full face of makeup which I’m pretty sure makes me a “don’t” in the eyes of the other members of my gym. I want to scream at them, “I’m at lunch! I didn’t put my makeup on just to come here!!!” Can’t they see that I’m serious about working out?!?!?! I’m rockin’ my lifting gloves. I carry my notebook where I record every rep. I have my headphones and ipod that are sending the sounds of Metallica & Linkin Park straight to my eardrums. I don’t speak to anyone unless it’s to ask if they’re done with a piece of equipment and I have perfected the “Stay the Hell Away From Me Because I’m Focused” facial expression.

I doubt it…they probably think I’m a poser….

Damn it….

Oh well….I just finished taking my supplements and I’m off to the gym….yep….with a glorious array of MAC on my eyelids (Tempting, Amber Lights, and Coppering for those of you who wanted to know)…I’ll show them “poser”…. :)


  1. I think we need to look into getting you some custom workout shirts that say:

  2. Girl, I always wear make up to the gym and I don't care what people think. I lift serious weights so I think I earned the right to look cute while I workout lol! Wear it proudly!