Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Week at a Glance

Number of miles run: 8
I missed one day of the running challenge due to migraines. I chose to lay in the dark and silently pray for my head to fall off versus trying to walk fast run!

Number of workouts in a gym: 2
If I want to workout during my work day, I head to the Gold's Gym that's a short walk from my work. It's not my home gym but it serves its purpose. However, I think the fact that I'm not as comfortable there as I am at my home gym prevents me from working out there consistently. I hit up shoulders Tuesday and biceps & triceps on Thursday. My focus during the off-season in regards to my shoulders is to make them look like this:


or this:

Number of books I've read: 4
I'm a librarian, a nerd, a bookworm. Would you expect anything less?? :) I've read the first three books in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich and while I won't put them on my list of "Favorite Reads", I could understand why so many of the library's patrons gravitate towards to the series. I also finished a book entitled Nemesis by an incredible Norwegian author by the name of Jo Nesbo. I'm addicted to his's to the point where I literally squealed out loud and jumped up & down when I arrived at work on Thursday and saw  a copy of his latest novel "The Leopard" sitting on the 3-Week Express shelf. I snatched it up, checked it out, and plan on starting it as soon as I finish my chores today!

Number of jalapeno muenster cheese bagels consumed: 1
One of the perks of working in downtown Tucson is being surrounded by so many locally owned, tasty restaurants. Arizona Bagel and Deli has incredible bagels of all flavors but it's the jalapeno muenster cheese that makes my inner fat girl giggle with delight. I'm trying to limit my visits to the deli but let's be honest, we all know I have no self-control when it comes to food!

Number of snack bags received from my mother: 4
My mom handed me a shopping bag when I went to pick up The Princess after I got off work on Wednesday. In the bag was a addictive treasure that is not helping me win my fight against the fluff! The shopping bag contained four bags of these:

I can't stop eating them. I want to walk away from them but I don't know how!!! Someone stage an intervention!!!

Number of times I was told that I need to open up to people: 1
I was talking with a close friend and she made a comment about the fact that I am so hesitant to trust other people and share my feelings. I will be the first to admit that I keep people at a distance and have to remind myself during the times when I feel like I have no one to turn to or lean on, that it's my doing. I decided after that conversation that I am going to actively work on being more open and trusting. It scares me but it's something I definitely need to work on.

So there you have it - my week at a quick glance! What about you? What happened in your life last week?


  1. Oh my word... I would have a hard time walking away from those too... I am that crazy lady that stands in the snack aisle for 20 minutes. Just staring at all the treats that I so badly want to have. I grab them, look into their packages and just hold them before putting them back in their spot. ;)

    Being open and trusting is something I too struggled with. I think I have gotten better... not by choice but because of life happenings I have been forced to.

  2. ok, i read all of that but now all i want are those pretzels! they look so delish and now i have to find them!

  3. Look at you, Miss Runnin' Thang! :) You are a rockstar.

  4. Oh. My. GRACIOUS! Those pretzels look like pure addictive bliss. EEK!

  5. YAYA, awesome job with the running! I'm SO proud of you! And by the way, I've read the entire Janet Evanovich series, I love it. I look so forward to July when the new one comes out! I'm very excited for One for the Money to come to the theater at the end of the month. But 4 books in a week? That's amazing. I'm working on finishing one that I started 2 months ago =)