Monday, January 2, 2012

A Personal Challenge

There is an elderly gentleman that lives in our neighborhood and based on my observations, it appears that he may have suffered from a stroke or some type of brain injury. Every morning, I see this gentleman either in his garage slowly pedaling his exercise bike or walking slowly up the sidewalk with his cane while stopping every few steps to do bending & kicking movements. His feet drag, his movements are slow, yet you can see the determination on his face to keep moving & get stronger.

I realized that if this gentleman can get out of bed, rain or shine, and push himself to become stronger then I can do this same. I have no excuse for not doing the things I know I need to do in order to become a stronger, healthier version of myself.


With that in mind, I decided that I would participate in The Sweaty Betties January Mile-a-Day Challenge. I think I've expressed to y'all how much I despise running but one of my goals for the off-season is to really give running a try. This is where the Mile-a-Day challenge comes in - it's simple - run or walk one mile each day this month. I didn't find out about the challenge until late last night so I lost one day but I did complete day 1 today! I'm tweaking the challenge for myself just a little and instead of one mile each day, I am going to attempt to do 2 miles. That might not seem like a big deal to those of you who run on a consistent basis but for me, it's going to definitely take effort. 

Someone should have told me just because you
put on running shorts, that doesn't make you a runner :)

So there you have it, I'm starting off the new year walking at a semi-fast pace running and praying that the rubbing together of my inner thighs will not set my shorts on fire! *fingers crossed*


  1. HA! Awesome! As soon as I read the title of this post, I was like "I bet she's doing a running challenge!"

    YOU. ARE. A. BEAST. Get it!

  2. Good luck T! I've been trying to get back into running (I used to run in high school)--it's harder than it sounds! I admire your challenge and I may even join you for this one!

  3. I like the challenge and I'm going to join in also. I'm not much into running but I really want to add miles this year to my workout.

  4. Well that would be one HOT fire ;) Good luck, you will do amazing at whatever you set your mind to, I don't doubt that!

  5. Good for you T! 2 Miles is a lot to me!! It's always great with some good music though!

  6. My co-blogger is doing the mile a day challenge too! Good for you! I'll bet you're going to fall in LOVE with running ;)

  7. I love this! I want to get more into running, but I've been trying to take it slightly easier on my workouts (I had elevated stress/cortisol levels from teaching 6 days a week and doing my own workouts), while focusing more on eating well, but I miss running on my own! I think this is something I can do... I'll just have to make up for two days!

  8. Hey, I'm teaching myself to run too. The mantra, "The more I do this, the easier it will be" going through my brain during the run intervals is helping, can't wait to just run three miles without stopping. This is my first visit to your blog- now it's time to get reading!