Monday, September 24, 2012

The Prep 4-1-1 and a Winner!

Last week was filled with random awesomeness and a side of "ain't that some shit!"...let's recap what took place but only the good stuff, shall we??

The Princess enjoying an Eegee's!
The Princess was due for her annual appointment with her pediatric neurologist so last Monday she & I trekked to the northside of town, met with her doctor, endured some medical tests, and then heard the words that we long to hear "She looks great and we'll see you guys in 6 months". There was a visit to the Pima County Health Department's shot clinic for immunizations and three shots later, we were ready to have some real fun! DSW, here we come! I didn't find any shoes but The Princess spotted some neon blue Nikes that she just had to have. Since I'm a softie and I felt guilty about the fact that she got 3 shots instead of the ONE shot I told her she needed, I bought her the shoes. Hey, don't judge me! :)

Nerd alert!! The Endeavor flew over Tucson this past Thursday and I swear, everything in the city stood still as it passed over our city. It was the most amazing thing, I kid you not. There are a ton of amazing pictures of the shuttle as it flew over Tucson but the above picture was taken my one of my amazing co-workers from the balcony of our library. #sofrickingcool If you're interested in seeing some of the pictures that were featured in our local newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star, check out their "Endeavor flies over Tucson" gallery.

Prep is moving along...slowly...but it's moving. Saturday marked 7 weeks out and there were no jumps for joy when I saw my progress pictures. TOM was making its presence known and I felt large & in charge! :) Feedback from The Boss #1 was not what I was expecting given how I felt - she told me that I look "itty bitty" - score! I have also been practicing my posing and tweaking a few things here & there. No workout or diet changes so I'm going to keep doin' what I'm doin' :)

And now for the real fun - announcing the winner of the giveaway! Rafflecopter had the honor of selecting the name and it was.....


Congrats, Shea! Please email me (teneciap at gmail dot com) your mailing address by Wednesday, September 26 so I can get your supplements goodies to you!

Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway! I will be holding another giveaway in the next few weeks!


  1. Aha finally someone else who gets that nasty TOM throughout prep!! I always feel like I'm the only one with the incredible ability to maintain a period even at unnaturally low BF percentages!

  2. So glad all is well with the Princess! I know as a parent if your kids are ok you can handle the rest. (I would have bought her the shoes too) For some reason all of your pictures didn't show up when i read your blog so I am not sure if you posted a progress pic, but I will say you know you are your own worst critic. That is why you have to trust Boss 1 and Boss 2 to tell you the truth. Take care lady and keep it up! Crystal