Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mixin' Things Up

Sometimes I feel like I always do the same workouts for shoulders. When I look back at my workout log, I know this isn't true but still, I've been craving some new exercises. I save all of the Muscle & Fitness Hers magazines that I receive in the mail so this is where I went for some ideas on how to mix things up.

In the July/August 2010, there was a "Workout To Go" featured and the target area was delts. Umm....perfection! Some of the moves featured where ones I hadn't done in quite some time so it was nice to add them back into the rotation :)

I have been waking up at 4:00 am and leaving the house no later than 4:15 am for workouts. 4:00 am is EARLY and there are days when I just want to snuggle deeper into the covers and not leave the house but I can't! I have work to do (remember, this is my "improvement season"!) so I get my tired ass out of the bed, put my workout clothes on, and head to the gym. On this particular morning, I decided to try the N.O.-Xplode 2.0 that I received in one of my monthly Jacked-in-a-Box. Honestly, this pre-workout isn't one of my favorites but it gave me enough of an energy boost to get my workout done. I did enjoy the tingling in my lips when it started to kick in....I know....I'm!!

As I walked out of the gym at 5:57 am, here's what I had accomplished:

Incline dumbbell press
20 x 8   25 x 8   30 x 8   35 x 8

Seated lateral raises (with dumbbells)
25 x 8 (2)  30 x 8  35 x 6

Seated iso-lateral low row
90 x 10 (2)   110 x 10 (2)   140 x 8 (2)

Front raises (with plates)
25 x 8   35 x 8  45 x 8 (2)

Bent-over row (with barbell)
95 x 8   115 x 8   135 x 8 (3)

Seated row (wide grip)
105 x 10  120 x 10  (2)  135 x 10 (2)

Has anyone tried any new exercises or workouts lately? I'm always craving variety so please share!


  1. I also get up at 4 am to workout! If I don't do it in the AM - it doesn't happen. It is a struggle to get up that early, especially now that it is really cold!, - my biggest challenge is not blowing through the alarm. I have found the key is to make oneself get up and not hit the snooze.......

  2. I forgot to ask in the last post - do you always use a pre-workout supplement?

  3. You are so tough. 4am made me shudder.