Friday, October 4, 2013

The Obsession Continues!

I want boulder shoulders. I want them so bad I can taste it. My shoulders want to look like Candice's when they grow up! #realtalk

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If you think my obsession with growing my shoulders is something that just started, you would be wrong. Check out my Build, Build, Build and I Wanna Be Like Dwight posts, one is from earlier this year and the other is from last year. I'm tellin' you....the obsession is here and it's here to stay!

Shoulders post-workout!

I am hitting shoulders twice a week, one workout is "heavy" and the other I call my "burnout" workout and even though it's been a short amount of time, I'm pretty sure my shoulders are growing (or is that the photo editing filter I'm using?!?!).

I thought I would share with you the shoulder workout I did Wednesday morning and it's a good one! I'm still having difficulty lifting my arms to fasten my bra, put my mascara on, and comb my hair :)

Military press
20 x 8  25x 8  30 x 8  35 x 7  40 x 5

lateral raises
15 x 10/10   20 x 10/10   25 x 10/10   30 x 8/8   35 x 6/6

quarter lateral raises
40/40 x 8 (2)    45/45 x 8 (2)   50/50 x 8

15/15 x 10 (2)    20/20 x 10 (2)   25/25 x 8

cable upright row
80 x 10  90 x 10   100 x 10   110 x 10    120 x 10

Has anyone else had a kick ass workout they want to share?? I'm always on the lookout for new ones to try! Please share them in the comments section!!!


  1. Very nice! You are lifting some heavy weights! That is sure to make those shoulders grow.

    Now I want to try those upright rows with my cable machine!!

    1. It won't let me reply to your comment below so I'll do it here! How did you like the upright rows???


    2. They were great! I am always looking for more options of what I can do in my home gym :)

  2. Your shoulders are definitely getting more prominent! Looking good!!
    I'm gonna give this workout a go this week! (though my weights will be ligher ;( )

  3. I tried those cable upright rows on Monday :)