Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Might Be In Off-Season If....

You might be in off-season if.....

  1. You insist on calling it an "improvement season" versus "off-season"
  2. When gorging on cookies, candy, tamales, pancakes, and carne asada fries, you calmly inform people that you are "eating to grow"
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  3. A daily check of your abs is necessary....just to ensure that you're not "growing" too much
  4. You want to roll your eyes & scream every time someone asks when your next show is
  5. You only want to roll your eyes & scream because you don't know when your next show is due to number 2 on this list
  6. You pee your pants a little bit each time your coach tells you to bring your competition suit & heels to your next training session so he can "see where you're at"

  7. Your favorite hashtags are #getallthegains, #eattogrow, #beastmode, #2014istheyear, and #fatkidstatus

  8. You will get up before the sun rises to go to the gym but getting up early for any other reason is just crazy talk