Monday, December 2, 2013

Sh!t Happens....

There have been so many times over the past few weeks where I've wanted to come in here and update you on what's going on but I can't seem to find the time. Scratch that, I couldn't seem to MAKE the time to do it. So, the Worst Blogger of November award goes to me! #bloggerfail  I apologize and will be making more of a conscious effort to schedule time to keep this thing alive, breathing, and exciting! :)

Let's start with some fun stuff that isn't workout-training-improvement season related, shall we??

Guess who is such a big boy now?!?! That's right, my nephew Jaxon turned one a couple of weeks ago! Oh my goodness, y'all. That was a fast year. He is standing up on his own, trying to talk, and Uncle Tommy taught him how to climb up out!

Aunt T & Uncle Tommy - grown monsters :)
She's such a goober!
My sister calls him a "drool monster" so his birthday party was monster-themed and it was a lot of fun as you can tell by looking at the pictures :)

A couple of months ago, I met a female member of the my gym (shout out to Desert Sports & Fitness, the best gyms in T-town!) who was prepping for her first fitness competition. Her name is Savannah and I am envious of her abs! Anyway, she and I met a few times to work on posing and stuff. It's nice to have someone to talk to (in person) about competing, prep, hunger pains, and all that good stuff :)

I was able to go to Phoenix and watch the finals of the NPC Western Regionals in Phoenix. Funny story, this was the first time, in three years, that I was at a show as a spectator not a competitor. (#kindastrange) Savannah looked ridiculously amazing & she won her class! It was so fun to cheer her on and I'm really excited to follow her journey next competition season!

While we were in Phoenix, I took Tom to see the BYB Fitness studio. He hasn't had a chance to meet Randy in person yet or watch one of our training sessions (I'm trying to keep this from happening as long as possible! just kidding...sort but I wanted him to see my new "home away from home".

Training wise, last month was quite the busy month! In an effort to tighten dat ass improve my weaker areas, I have been hitting the track for sprints a couple times a week. Sprints, to me, are a lot of fun and if it might help me get a booty like Carmelita Jeter....well...count me in!

I posted this pic on my Instagram...sometimes the workout sucks...
I made the trip to Phoenix to train with El Jefe a couple of times and let me tell you, I'm going through an adjustment period! There are many times during our training sessions that I feel weak and honestly, I just want to throw up my hands and walk away. It's not because El Jefe is a mean, evil coach who is trying to break me. It's because, as he has said, I've been working out not training. These are two completely different things and this is, at times, a hard lesson for me to learn. My job is to continue training on my own, hit the track a couple of times a week, and try not to break down & cry when he and I train together. I'm doing well on a couple of those and not so well on the other ;)

Lots of changes have been taking place, not only physically but mentally as well. He said the first month would be bumpy and he wasn't lying but you know what, good things things come to those who bust their ass and work for them!

Victory loves preparation


  1. Love that straw!! Adjustment periods are sucky, always makes me feel like a toddler ready to throw a tantrum! Would really love if you could explain a bit further what your coach meant by "you've been working out, not training" - really interested in know how the two differ :)

  2. I have always thought you do serious working out. I am with Rachel - what is the difference between working out and training?