Monday, April 21, 2014

I Got Nada....

My brain feels like mush!

I had all of these witty things I wanted to share 
with you guys and when I sat down to type them up,


You'll just have to settle for some random pictures....


Planting fun at my library branch!
Ignore my sweaty

Posing practice between sets :)
Is it cocky to say I love everything about this picture??

The song on repeat these days --> Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong

Yep...I wore leather booty shorts out on Saturday night... ;)

Sunday morning breakfast at the track!
The eye candy pictures I send to Tom

My momma is too cute. My spot at the dinner table :)

Don't get between me & my Peeps!
My view this Monday morning!


  1. I love your photos. They make me laugh and inspire and motivate me to get my ass going harder!

  2. I like picture posts especially when the person posting then is muy caliente!

  3. I love your back momma! Hot hot hot! <3