Monday, January 24, 2011

Adios Cooties & Show Advice

I am proud to announce that I am now cooties-free! Can I get a "woot woot"?!?! :) I had a crazy weekend filled with drama and jammie jams (my friend hosted a sleepover complete with Just Dance 2 and vodka tonics!). It was a lot of fun but a new week has begun...back to the real world!

My check-in over the weekend was mediocre. I just wasn't feelin' my progress pics nor the number on the scale is what it is. My diet has been tweaked a bit (welcome back, egg whites) and workouts modified. I will be doing a lot more plyometrics and I would like you all to cross your fingers that I don't break my neck or pull a muscle. I am so uncoordinated and klutzy that it's a joke among my friends & family :)

I was on (great site!) this morning and read a blog entry by IFBB Bikini Pro Shelsea Montes entitled "Six Pack Montes' Packing List for the New Kids on the Block". I've done two shows so I guess I'm not technically a "new kid on the block" but I'm always interested in what items I should have in my show bag that I don't. Shelsea compiled a great list but there were a few things I would add and they are:
  • Jan Tana Glaze - It's not too thick or slippery and gives you the right amount of "glisten"
  • Pillow & sleeping bag - Shows are a lot of "hurry up & wait". It helps to have something soft to rest on while you're waiting for your moment to shine.
  • Entertainment - My ipod, magazines, and books help keep me entertained while backstage
  • Travel size bottle of Listerine - Not being able to drink any liquids + not being able to chew gum = hot stanky breath. Fix it by swishing with some Listerine.
  • Deoderant - By the time finals was over, I was so happy to swipe some Dove on my pits. I knew I needed it too because Tom said to me, "I love you but you smell soooo bad!" :)
  • Change of clothes -When prejudging and finals were over, I just wanted to put my "real" clothes on. Plus, it saved me a trip back to the hotel and I could go straight to the restaurant to grub! :)

For those of you that have competed before, what things do you bring with you? And those who will be competing for the first time, anything you plan on bringing that hasn't been mentioned?

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  1. super glue in case any stones fall of suit,or even if fake nails fall off....
    sewing kit incase you have have to modify a suit,take it in,etc
    extra pair of earrings just in case one gets lost down the hotel sink drain....
    and a big ol bag of m&m's tobring backstage for other competitors...