Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bawlin' Like A Baby

My mom & I after I received my Masters degree

Before I tell you why I spent the better part of the afternoon bawlin' like a baby, let me share with you the fact that I DON'T cry. I lack kidding....but very rarely do I cry.

Anyway, my mom sent me a text late this morning asking me when I was going to take lunch today. I explained to her what my plans were and she told me she wanted to swing by my work after I got back from lunch. We picked a time and that was that.

My mom showed up to my work, lookin' all cute (can you believe she's 50?!?! Like they say, "Black don't crack!" LOL!) and carrying a vase of flowers & two cards. I can hear you saying "Awwww!!!" from over here :) She handed me both and off we went. I took her on a tour of my office (she called it cute) and introduced her to some of my co-workers and friends. After chit-chatting for awhile, she decided to take off. After walking her out, I felt like I had just finished show and tell. It was fun having my mom see where I've spent the last 7 years earning a paycheck :)

Fast forward to about 15 minutes after my mom has left and I'm opening one of the two cards she had given me. The first card was a really sweet "No special occasion for this card" card - in it my mom writes for me to pick something cute. I'm a bit confused but proceed to open the second card. As I open the second card and realize what's in it, I instantly start crying. I'm talkin' "my dog just got hit by a car and someone just told me I looked fat in these pants" cry. The second envelope contained a money order for $400!!!!!


Do you understand why I was bawling?!?!? I had told my mom that I wanted to purchase a new custom-made suit but I just didn't know about taking that money out of our budget. When I realize what she has given me, I instantly pick of the phone and call her. Of course when she answers, I'm bawlin' and gasping for air. All I could say was, "Ma!" and then I would start crying again. Over my tears, my mom told me that she wanted me to get a suit without worrying about where the money was coming from. She told me to pick something that I loved and I'm mumbling "It's too's too much...Mom, I can't take this money." Her response was, "I'm your mother. I love you. It's my job to take care of you and I want you to get yourself a suit". Enter more tears and my ridiculous stammering of "I love you too. I can't believe you did this!"

Yep....that's why I was bawlin' like a baby then and why I'm teary now. My mom blessed me more than I can say. I'm so thankful and it feels like saying "Thank You!" is just not enough. She has this way of knowing what's in my heart and handing it to me with her little "I'm the best gift giver ever" smile.

And if you're reading this Mom, thank you times a gazillion. I'm lucky that you're, not only my mom, but my best friend. Thank you for taking care of me once again. It's more than I deserve.


  1. Now I'M CRYING!!! That is the sweetest thing ever! You are going to rock that suit!

  2. WOW!!!! that's absolutely the sweetest thing EVER!!!! I think I"m gonna cry! Damn prep and my emotions! ahahah

  3. OH!!!! what a delightful present from your mom!!!
    she rocks! (just like you!)
    you gotta keep us posted on what suit you decideto go with!!!

  4. Oh my word. Now there is a woman who really understands her daughter. :)

  5. That is so sweet! My mother always says "nobody loves you like your momma!". It's so true =)

  6. Oh that is the sweetest thing ever! What a great momma you have!

  7. Wow what a mom!!! Made me tear up a little :) Just found your blog and i'm excited to follow your journey!

  8. I cried just reading it and I didnt even get any cash! ;)

    Repay her by kicking some butt up there on that stage ... what an amazing Mum!

  9. awww, moms are DA best! can't wait to see your new suit!!