Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Boo!!!!!

Today is Tom’s birthday! He is the ripe old age of 29 :) He and I met exactly 11 years ago today!! Who knew when I met that shy, blonde haired blue eyed, muscular hottie that day that he would become my boo (picture me singing that like Usher & Alicia Keys did…lol!), the father of my children, my trainer, master griller of my chicken, my own personal Katt Williams,  my partner-in-crime!


Happy Birthday, Thomas Jack! I love you!

And The Princess wanted me to tell you that she loves you…more than Wolverine :)


  1. Happy Birthday Tom!!!!

    That first picture is TOO precious.

  2. cute post! happy birthday to your hubby!!

  3. Great set of pictures Tenecia! Happy birthday Tommy!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Tom! Thanks for sharing all the pics, the one of him as a little guy with the motorcycles and helmet is precious! (I'm sure he will enjoy being called precious) ;)