Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Survived!!!

That's right, folks!! I'm a survivor!!! I made it through my first week at my new job!!! I wasn't voted off of the island!!! Whew!!!! :)

Week One was filled with lots of learning, many "I'm not sure - I'm the newbie so let me find out" responses, hours of shadowing, an abundance of laughter & smiles, and a few occasions of being thrown into the fire! But at no point in the week was there any self-doubt, second guessing the decision I made, or fear!!!

My new home away from home!
I'm a public librarian at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library....and I'm finally home! :) Oh....and can I just say that it's frickin' AWESOME when one of your "homework assignments" is to take home a Nook and try it out! I'm currently reading Serena Williams' memoir entitled On The Line and it's an interesting read so far!!!

Enough about work....let's move onto prep!

Yesterday marked 3 weeks out!! Last Saturday, I signed up at the Gold's Gym that is thisclose to the library so I was able to hit that up this week during my lunch hour. It was strange working out at a new gym but once I put my headphones on & started my workout, it was no big deal!

I'm holding some water and am a little squishy due to TOM getting ready to show up but I feel like there was a small amount of progress made from last week to this week. The plan as of right now is to keep cardio/workouts/diet the same for this next week.

Why do I look like I'm in pain?!?!?
There's a wig shop that is also thisclose to the library so I walked there Friday during lunch and found this new wig. I feel like it's a bit more low-key than the last one I wore and it feels more like me. What do you guys think?

Tom and I are tossing around the idea of changing my August show to the Pacific USA show in Anaheim, CA versus the New Mexico show we were previously planning on. No firm decision yet but I'll keep you updated!

I leave you with something I shared on facebook a few weeks ago...I love it...even if it's a bit cocky :)


  1. You look fantastic T! I love your delts & legs! Nice package! I love your hair both ways so it's hard to say. I think you rock both of them... sorry I'm no help :(

  2. Congrats on making it through your first week of work! I'm with Ana, you look beeeautiful with whichever hair you decide to put on your head! ;) I'm too busy looking at your A-mazing legs anyway. I'm still hoping I wake up one day and mine look like that!

    three weeks....and I still feel a bit "soft"

    And i love the new wig too!

    I just got extensions for the first its taking some time to get used to the hair!

    Hope you'll post a bit more come closer to your competition...PS which one are you doing?

  4. HELLLLOOOO Sexy Librarian! :) Love, love, love the hair AND everything that you have going on. You are doing awesome chick, can't wait to see you take the stage! Can I come and be your personal assistant for the day? :)

  5. You are looking so great T! I love that wig much better! But you could rock a burlap sack with that banging body. Holla!