Friday, April 22, 2011

This Is How It Went Down!

I have to start this post off  by saying that the Orange County Muscle Classic was such a well-run and organized show! From the moment I arrived at the auditorium, it was obvious to me that Lindsay Productions does not play around when they put on a show!

Since Tom and I had "mapped out" a route from our hotel to the auditorium the day before, the morning of the show was pretty calm and low-key. I made sure to do the majority of my getting ready (hair, makeup, lashes, etc) at the hotel because a friend of mine let me know that there wasn't a large amount of space backstage.

The athlete's meeting started promptly at 8:00 (just as the schedule stated - loved that!) - it was informative, short, and straight to the point. I paid for my NPC card, got measured (I now possess an official NPC Height card), checked in & received my competitor number (#41 baby!!), and paid for pictures all within 35 minutes. The process was so smooth that I was sure I was doing something ever get that feeling that something is too good to be this case it wasn't! :)

Once I found a spot for my stuff in the dressing room, I decided to walk around. I was standing at the base of the stairs that lead backstage talking to one of the men working security (he told me that I was going to win...damn him for being wrong...lmao!) when this photographer stopped in front of me and said "Smile". Without thinking, I did and he took my picture. He also took a picture of me and the security guy. It turns out that the photographer was Ron "Yogi" Avidan from and the pictures he took are online! I guess that's what happens when you let strangers take your picture! :)

After I did some "exploring" and chatted with Tom once he found his seat, I went backstage to put my feet up. Since the dressing room was so small, I found a spot in the hallway. I put down my yoga mat, pillow, and wrapped myself in my blanket that my mom crocheted for me. I listened to my ipod & read my book until it was time to pump up. When it was time to get ready, I took out the puppy and doll I had brought with me as good luck charms (they represent my kiddos!). It was time for carbs, glaze, Bikini Bite, and pumping up!! Next thing I know, the expeditor was calling for Class E and it was my time to rock the stage!!!

I'll stop here and finish up my recap in my next post. If you want to see more of my gallery of pictures that were taken by the show's photographer, you can find them here.

I'm off to enjoy a chocolate candy bar....don't worry, Melissa....I'm having an extra one just for you :)


  1. Thanks for the recap! I love the details about your day. I honestly think you brought the best package from the other 3 women up there. Your legs are amazing!! Best symmetry as well. You really look phenomenal!

  2. Yesssss! SO AWESOME! I have stage envy... I can't wait to compete! :)

  3. THANK YOU T!!!!
    chocolate through bloggspots,yuuuummmmm!
    LOVE THE PICS btw!
    cant wait to read more about your day!!!!