Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Suit Story I Promised You

I'm stepping away from the candy & tortillas just long enough to type the first part of my weekend/show recap!

How are you??? It may sound silly but I've missed you guys! Thank you all for your incredible comments on my posts from Saturday & Sunday! It feels good to hold that trophy in my hand!! :)

So,  remember me talking about the suit I was ordering from Tamee Marie?? I'm sure you recall my slightly agitated post last week about some suit drama that I was having. Well, I'm ready to spill the beans about that.

I had emailed Tamee several weeks before my show to double-check the balance owed and the date that money needed to be submitted to her. I received a reply from her stating the dollar amount I needed pay and she informed me that my suit would be shipped on 4/5.  As you can see from the picture above, I happily sent off my last payment and waited for my suit.

I received an email on 4/6 from Tamee stating that my suit should be ready to ship on Saturday (4/9) and that she would keep me posted. At this point, I'm starting to get a little concerned because I'm not sure that I will have enough time to try on the suit, send it back to her if it needs alterations, and receive it back before leaving for Anaheim.  I emailed her back and asked her if she sent it on Saturday when would I receive it because I was worried that it would not arrive before I left town. She told me I would have it by Tuesday at the latest and while I was a tad annoyed that it would be cutting it so close, I said ok.

It is now Monday, April 11 and I receive a notification from USPS that a shipping label for a package has been created for me. I'm like, "What?!?! It's Monday - the suit should be getting here today!!!" Poor Tom!! I'm pretty sure he thought I was going to punch holes in the wall or something.  Let me stop here and say that at this point, I have yet to receive any "update" from Tamee about what's going on. She's not contacted me to let me know that  the suit didn't ship on Saturday as planned or anything.

I am LIVID!!! I'm like "What the frick is going on?!?!?"  I'm telling Tom that based on the "Track & Confirm" info, the label has been created but nothing has been shipped! Talk about stressed out!!!

Needless to say, the suit was shipped Express Monday night. Tom spent half the day Tuesday trying to find it once it reached Tucson so one of us could pick it up but no luck. I get home that night, realize I have no suit, and go into the room to cry in the dark for 2 hours.

On Wednesday we finally find the package at one of the post offices and make arrangements for them to hold it so I can pick it up. I'm happy that the suit is minutes away but still worried that it may not fit.

The suit fit perfectly and while I wanted to hate it (because I was still angry about the whole shipping thing), I fell in LOVE with the suit. It was beautiful on stage and I received a ton of compliments on it!

I'm a bit disappointed about the communication between Tamee & I. I know that its partly my fault because I was upset and knew I would not conduct myself in the appropriate manner so I didn't try to get in contact with her.  I am, however, hurt that she has not apologized or said anything to me about why the shipping of my suit was delayed. As I have been known to say, "It is what it is..."

The lesson that I learned is that I should have done a better job of reading the policies on Tamee's website about ordering & payment (there was a section about paying by check and how that affects receipt of your suit that I didn't read completely). I also learned that my mom and Tom can spring into action at a moment's notice. My mom fixed the bottoms of my back-up suit in less than a day and Tom tried to move heaven & Earth to get that package into my hands!! They always take such GREAT care of me!!

Whew!!! Typing that was exhausting!!! I think I need another dark chocolate Peep for some energy so I can finish my work and start the next part of my recap ;)


  1. Wow. I would have LOST MY MIND. It sounds like you did the best that you could under the circumstances. Jon would have chased the package down for me too - we have wonderful men in our lives!!!
    I ordered my suit from Saleya. She is FREAKING WONDERFUL. Answers all your questions right away, great prices, and beautiful suits.
    Lots of the Bikini or Bust women bought suits from her and we all had the same fabulous experience. Heck, Julia's bottoms were a tad small and so she made brand new ones and sent them to New Zealand no charge. Now that's service!

  2. Holy Moly! That stinks that you had to deal with that drama so close to the show! But, that suit is gorgeous!! Glad to hear everything worked out.

  3. all i read was dark chocolate peep....
    lol,joking...can you tell im nearing the end of prep????
    gah! hate to hear about that suit drama!!! BUT glad you still got it,rocked it,and made top 5!
    soooooooo proud of you!!!!!!!

  4. Melissa, you crack me up. All the time.
    Okay seriously, you are so awesome. I would have cried a lot longer than 2 hours and gobble up some reese's eggs in the mean time. I'm so proud of Tenecia! All I can think when I read some of your blogs is that I hope our paths cross in person someday, you're so encouraging and real. Your confidence is undeniable. :) I'm so glad you were able to move past the issues and keep yourself on track for your goals! BOOM!

  5. @Donloree - would you believe that Sayela is who made my first suit & I loved the entire process and my suit?!?! You (meaning ME!) should NEVER mess with a good thing!!

    @Karatenurse - thank you! The suit IS was just hell to get it :)

    @Melissa - I knew I would lose you once I mentioned chocolate ;) Thank you for all of your positive vibes
    & support! It has meant a lot to me!!

    @Lacey - I'm so glad that you feel that I'm real! I don't want to ever have anyone feel that I'm being less than truthful or not giving of my true self just because I share via a blog versus face-to-face!! One day, we'll definitely meet & have a fabulous bikram date :)