Sunday, April 3, 2011

Houston...We Have A Problem!!

What could my problem possibly be, you ask??

I'm hurt.

Yep, I hurt myself. I pulled something in my back sometime Wednesday and I have been miserable ever since. I reek of Icy Hot (such a sexy and I'm moving funny. This is definitely NOT what I needed right now but I'm in beast mode so I'm not letting it hold me back. I only missed one cardio session (Thurs morning) but was still able to finish my week out strong.

Check in went well yesterday. I was am freaking out a bit because I'm not dropping weight like I feel I should be. I want to come in as lean as possible but I get the feeling my body is going to fight me on that :)

 I need to bring my right shoulder up a bit...I'm lopsided :)

There are a few tweaks that have been made to my diet and some additional cardio added to the mix - nothing I can't handle - thank goodness!

So this is wig I'm going to wear for the show. It's more hair than I'm used to (of course!!) but I think it softens up my face and gives me just the right amount of "girly". What do you think? I'm still going to take the other wig with me just in case I change my mind at the last minute. I also need to fix the bangs...the whole "in my eye" thing is going to drive me nuts! :)

I needed to get out of the house yesterday - I felt like a hamster frantically running in one of those balls - there's only so much laundry and cleaning I can take :) So, I treated myself to a movie and saw the Lincoln Lawyer. I'm a huge Michael Connelly fan and the movie is based on the book of the same name. Now, I never pictured the main character Mickey Haller as a pretty boy but let's just say, I didn't mind seeing Matthew McConaughey on the big screen for almost 2 hours! I stand by my opinion that the book will always be better than the movie but The Lincoln Lawyer was still worth the money! You should definitely go see it.

Two weeks....that's all the time I have left to prepare for competition. I'm tired, a bit bitchy crabby, and scared!

There's so much to do and so little time! I have to stay focused and remain in "LET'S GIT IT!!" mode.

I leave you with this....

"If you stay focused and right on track, you will get to where you want to be."
*Michelle C. Ustaszeski*


    2 more week,YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!
    YOU GOT THIS!!!!

  2. Looking AWESOME! I wonder what the neighbors thought of you in your suit on the street. :)
    You've got this and you're doing amazing. May the icy-hot beast mode continue!

  3. OK first babe you are looking AMAZING!! So much progress even from your last set of pics. Second, the hair looks great on you (I didn't like the last one),this one is it!
    Third, you are a serious trooper, hang in there, just two more weeks and you will be able to rest. The light is here at the end of the tunnel.

  4. I'm sorry about the injury. I know how that goes. It sucks a$$. Ice and Heat? Heat and Ice? Ibuprofen? Massage? I am sure your special trainer knows what will be good for you:o)

    Okay, who is that hot woman in the pictures you are posting on your blog? Oh! It's YOU! It's close to PEAK week! You are doing so awesome and you inspire me.

    GO GIT IT GIRL! Love ya T!

  5. Sorry to hear about your back, especially now. BUT, you look freakin' HOT!!!!! Love the long hair on you, not kidding, SOOOOOOOO SEXY!!!!

    I cannot wait to hear about your show!


  6. OH NO! I'm sorry you got hurt. I hope you can work through it. Just a pulled muscle maybe? I think your pictures look amazing, I'm just astonished that it's only 2 weeks now! That time flew by FAST! Love the wig and I love the purple color on you! Hang in there, you're almost done!

  7. Gym injuries suck and I can't imagine getting one so close to the show! Looks like you're doing the right thing to get better though. You look AMAZING! I want your abs sooo bad! I like how happy you look in your photos :-) You're body has great symmetry and conditioning... you'll do great!

  8. You look so amazing... My Sister and i were just drooling over your pictures. We both think you have the ideal physique! Hands Down! Not to mention you have the best sense of humor :-)

  9. You look amazing, I'm sorry to hear about your are so close to the finish line!

  10. You have the luckiest neighbors on the planet!!!! You should post yourself on "That's What's Up Wednesday"!!! You are gonna kill it T!