Sunday, April 10, 2011

And So It Begins!

Peak week!!!

It's finally here!! I can hardly believe it. It really does feel like it was just the other day that I was sharing my 2011 competition plans with you guys! Now I'm just a few days out from the Cali show....crazy....just crazy!!!

Today has been productive and exhausting. The morning started off with me making Tom and The Princess some breakfast while I enjoyed water...I didn't eat when they did because I had fasted cardio to do. After Tom finished his food, he was able to take my progress pictures and send them off to The Boss. I feel pretty good about them but am still keeping my fingers crossed that my hammies show up :)

After taking the pictures, I was off to the gym for a leg workout. I ran into my father-in-law while I was there and he helped pass the time while I was doing cardio by telling me some pretty funny stories. I left the gym and hit up a couple of stores for asparagus and post-show goodies (Queso Ruffles, Snickers eggs, and Rocky Road candy bars...holla!!). I felt kind of bad for the people at the stores because I had that "I Just Killed It In The Gym" funk goin' on...oh well!

I was able to get a pedicure and manicure from my favorite nail salon, so I can cross that off of my list of things to do for this week!

I know the next few days are going to FLY by, so I'm going to do my best to keep you guys updated on what's going on.

I found the following quote/question today and it made me really think...

"If you could travel back in time to the present moment,
what would you do differently?"
*Robert Brault*

I want my answer to always be an enthusiastic "NOTHING!"

What about you?


  1. oh! im getting so stinkin excited for you!
    try to make this week smooth sailing!time to let nutrition,rest,and good genetics take over!
    dont worry about the hammies coming out,they will. 5 days from now you will see the small detail work coming out!!!!
    i can really see a major differance in your abs and quads and shoulders...
    your gonna rock it chica!!!!!

  2. Wow! You look fabulous! I'm so impressed by your progress! Best of luck this weekend!

  3. The race is almost over. Take time and try to enjoy your week. You have worked so hard and it will all pay off. Please keep us "posted".

  4. damn girl!!! I cant believe its here either! You look great and you are going to rock that stage this weekend!!!!

  5. HAWT. Seriously. You look amazing. Love, love the profile! You have the posed DOWN!

    your friend,
    & your groupie

    GIT IT!

  6. I'm speechless. You look PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Rock that stage, girl. Cali is going to love you!