Thursday, April 7, 2011

That's What's Up Thursday

I needed something to snap me outta my funk today
and remind me what the point of all of this is.

Then I saw this picture and remembered
the point is be a BEAST like this woman!!!
I've been watching her workout videos on youtube
and she does not play around when she's in the gym!
 Love that!!

If my body looked like her's, I would totally go to the gym
in booty shorts and a mini-top! :)

Ms. Olympia Erin Stern - now that's what's up!!!


  1. I WANT HER ABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and thank you for posting,ive been in a funk today too!!!
    i do hope your day is going better,though!
    its almost peak week for you!!!!!
    almost there!
    you can do this!
    stay strong
    stay focused
    and BE the BEAST in the gym,
    if you do that,
    then that is victory within itself!!!!
    YOU GOT THIS!!!!!

  2. My god her lats look incredible there... And I'm with you on the booty shorts & mini top... WAIT! You have that, girl! Do it! :D