Monday, March 21, 2011

Madness...And Not Cuz It's March :)

I chose the title of today's post because I was acting like a crazy biotch mad woman yesterday. The NPC San Diego show took place over the weekend and I had told Tom that I would use this show to gauge what type of physique they're looking for (since this is my first CA show - I figured this was a good idea). Anyway, I looked up the photos of the class winners for Class D & E and the competitors for each class. I then proceeded to start freaking out because I felt like the Marshmallow Man. I told Tom I wasn't doing the show because there was no way I could be as tiny as the girls who were showing up and I may or may not have started crying. After my husband told me to stop acting like a crazy person and that I was doing the damn show (his exact words!), I took some deep cleansing breaths and was good to go. Gotta love prep freakouts!

No, I didn't apply Miracle Gro to my scalp! I'm playing around with hair ideas for the show and decided to take my pictures with one of my wigs. What do you guys think? Too much? Be honest - I don't want to step on stage lookin' like a fool! :) It's weird to see myself with!

I was squishy & bloated fuller in this round of progress pictures because I inhaled ate a burger (complete with bun!). Yep....there was a diet misstep this past week and the scale (and my butt!!) were evidence of the fact that I had a momentary loss of sanity. I was so happy with the progress I was making and for some reason, I decided to sabotage myself. What's done is done....this is a new burgers....mmmmm....burgers.... :)

I leave you with a picture that Tom posted on his facebook page on Saturday....the caption was "I got my tickets to the gun show! 4 more weeks!"


  1. I think you look fab! I haven't even done a show yet (haven't been to one yet either, but planning on changing that soon!), and I already freak out that I won't get lean enough. Seriously though, you look great! I envy the guns! And the hair looks good -- different for sure, but I think it will look great on stage!

  2. I love the hair. I really think it's a good look for you and with that new suit.....Whit-woooo! That's my internet whistle. But you know what, it's what makes YOU feel the most beautiful/best. Whatever makes you have the most confidence.....go with that & GIT IT GIRL!!!

    Okay, I just asked Charlie about you with the hair, and he drooled a little:o) Charlie likey :o) Charlie likey A-LOT!

  3. Hi T! You look lovely either way but I do love the choice of wig you got. It looks very natural on you. I agree with Chelsea though... it's whatever makes YOU feel comfortable... You already rock your body anyway and look amazing! I'm so jealous of your abs! I think you look stage ready!

  4. oh,T! first off,im glad you bounced back from the small freak out happens to us ALL at some point or another during prep. (i had a mini moment yesterday as well!)
    2nd...LOVE the hair
    3rd....holy quads,bat man! the biggest changes i see are with quads,shoulders and abs...
    you are leaning out nicely my dear! AND usually most of the detail work will come out the last 2 wks of no more freak outs!!!
    you are looking ON POINT!!!!!!!!
    excited for you!

  5. So cute!! I LOVE the hair! I showed your pic to my boyfriend last night (the pic above) and he goes, "That chick is CUT!" And no joke T, you really are!

  6. I love your blog. Your so funny and made me laugh out loud. You and your husband sound so much like me and my hubbby. I am competing in my first NPC figure show in May and also blogging my way through it. Please read my blog if you get a chance Good luck at your show! You look AMAZING!!! XOXO

  7. I love the hair! And you are leaning out nicely..even with the burger :)

  8. I LOVE the hair! I think it's super cute!! You look so good and like Melissa said, you'll lean out even more in the next few weeks. so excited!

  9. I love the hair ... it also makes you look so much younger!