Friday, March 18, 2011

School Is In Session!

A week ago, Heather of Body FM: Tuning In wrote a great post entitled The Unexpected. The post was all about what she has learned since deciding to compete in her first figure competition. I loved reading about the unexpected things she has learned and it made me think about what I've learned since becoming a competitor.

In honor of Heather, here's my list of lessons!

Trips to the bathroom. I never realized how many of them I would make in a given work day due to the amount of water being consumed.

I had never heard of the term "food porn". I had no idea how much of this particular type of porn would consume my life while prepping :)

If I am going to indulge in food porn, the top three places to go are How Sweet It Is, Cookies and Cups, and What Megan's Making.

*random shot of my bicep :)

How cool I would feel the first time a bicep vein made an appearance!

That yes, Black girls DO need tanner...and lots of it!

How awesome I would feel when one of the guys at my gym told me he admired my work ethic and the brutality of my workouts.

My bedtime would change so drastically! 8:00 pm is the end of the day for me. That's right....I'm in bed by 8:00 pm and asleep by 8:30 pm!

That over time, "food is fuel" would become my mantra. Especially when eating the 4th meal of the day consisting of chicken breast and asparagus :)

That being called "skinny" would make me want to punch babies (lol...I borrowed that from Dane Cook!) and being called "lean" made me feel like I was doing something right.

Prep was going to be more than working out & dieting. It could, at times, be psychological warfare and I had to be a soldier & fight through it.

The first bite of Queso Ruffles right after a show is ALWAYS the best! :)

If you consider yourself a seasoned competitor or even a newbie, what lessons have you learned? I would love to hear them so please please share!!!


  1. I love this post! "psychological" warfare lol! And I really didn't think you used tanner too, just goes to show that I learn something new everyday!

  2. Oh and your bicep muscle is sick. I'm jealous.

  3. What a great post! The part about being called skinny is a serious peev of mine. And the bicep vein, well that is hitting the nail on the head! Best post I have read in a while....keep them coming.

  4. LMAO @ "food porn!" Is that what I was doing? I just scroll through the pages and drool unapologeetically at the pictures. I'm with you on being called skinny. I hate that! I work my arse off in the gym! Don't call me skinny...

  5. Right there with you staring at food porn! I just Google CUPCAKES (or cookies, or donuts!), click on images and scroll through page after page of delicious cupcakes! I also LOVE "How Sweet It Is" and visit it daily! Thanks for the other two blogs though, I have already checked out "Cookies and Cup" and am still drooling over the Pudgy Cake!

  6. oh wow,i have a whole post for you about that!

    im sure i have more!
    anyways,your bicep pick rocks!!!!

  7. hahaha! the word verification was flabie!

  8. Food Porn....I heard that term from you and that's what I say most foods I see!
    Lean defines the hard work you have put into yourself and SKINNY? I don't really like that word at all.....totally enjoyed your post T!

  9. that you had to tan butt naked...i almost ran out of the room and called quits, LOL!!
    also, how much i missed things like tomatoes and salmon!

  10. WTF are Queso Ruffles? Is that just Cheddar & Sour Cream? OMG nomnomnom Cheese is my fav food group!

  11. Ha, thanks for the blog shoutout lady! And damn, if my arms look like yours anytime soon, I will be VERY happy with my progress! I'm learning a ton that I never knew about training, and from you and other competitors...again, thanks! Loved this post!

  12. HAHA, I hate the skinny thing too! Never thought I would, but I do! There's so much I've learned through prep and competing, I wouldn't know where to start. I didn't expect to be so psychotic honestly, I had no idea about that aspect =) I love the transformation though.