Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Release Tuesday

Sara Bareilles is one of my girl crushes! She's so sassy and talented!! Her voice is yumminess to my ears.

This video is fun and full of cameos. I love the line "uncharted rhymes with farted". I also love Keenan's shirt! LOL!!

I think you guys will fall in love with this one!


  1. THANK YOU so much for answering my question re weights. and yes .... you did hear me gasp all the way from Asutralia...... hahahahaha that way so funny as i really did gasp !!!!!!
    So its not how much you lift but how you lift? i'm doing incline hammer curls at 9kg (20 lbs)each arm and look NOOOOOOOO way at all like you.
    Why was that session brutal? what sets and reps were you doing? i'd love any tips ??????
    thanks so much xxx

  2. I love th stars in the video too! :) Like the Maroon 5 guy.

  3. Hey Amanda! The session was brutal because it consisted of various exercises done back-to-back with little rest. The portion of the workout shown in the video consisted of:
    Reverse prone incline DB reverse curls (15-20 reps)
    Reverse prone incline DB curls w/ supine grip (15-20 reps)
    Seated alternating Hammer curls (15-20 reps)