Saturday, March 5, 2011

Give It Up For My Man!!!

Lee Byrd Photography

Yep...that's me and my trainer aka my boooo (picture me singing that in my Alicia Keys!). Tom and I have been together for almost 11 years and married for 6. Our training "relationship" got serious last year when he committed to helping me achieve my goal of stepping on stage as a figure competitor.

Ana C. Photography

Who else is going to look lovingly into my eyes while telling me to shut up, stop complaining, and knock out my last set of burpees? Yes, he's my husband but he sees the job of being my trainer as some serious business and he doesn't play around! With someone like that having your back, how can you lose?? :)

Anyway, Tom wanted to do a guest post and so I'm going to turn the blog over to him now. Be gentle with him... ;)

I will keep this short and simple since I have not been blessed with creative writing skills...  When I encouraged her to start her own blog, I did not know I was creating a monster!  I have not been able to make it to most of her workouts for her third competition, but I have to say she impresses the hell out of me every time I am able to train her.  So here are a few pictures from her biceps workout and a lil video (if it works?)

Start of the Superset

Git er' Done!

Nice Peak! (my fav)

Here is a little video... (Hope it works)
Sorry about the writing in the middle had to convert video from a cell phone so the computer would read it!

She ended the workout (props to Genie) with a beautiful smile that quickly turned to a frown when I told her she did two extra sets so I could take more pics  :)
That is all, Thank you Babe for letting me guest blog, keep up the hard work, lets go kick some ass!!!


  1. Aaahh, what a sweet guest post! Your husband is so proud of you!

    Nice guns! Your hard work is paying off!!

  2. That was so sweet! You should let him blog more often. (My man is my trainer too) I have to keep him in line though. :)

  3. Woo hoo!!! YOu have an awesome husband. I'm looking for a trainer myself, and you are lucky you fell in love with one! ;)

  4. OMG you look AWESOME !!!!! i'm dying to know how much were you lifting in all these photos? your hubby seem to be a sweetie (hahaha until he makes you do something you dont want to !!)

  5. Your arms look AMAZING! Well, the entire you but I just LOVE your arms! Sick bicep peak! You and Tommy make a beautiful couple!

  6. Awe I love it, how sweet!! Nice biceps, they look awesome!

  7. how sweeet!
    and omg,your so jelous!
    keep up the hard work!