Friday, July 8, 2011

Here's A Thought....

Cardio sessions are often the time when a million thoughts are going through my brain....some of them are important things like reminding myself to put out the recycling bin by the curb or schedule my bikini wax (eek!!)....others are just random and at times, ridiculous! With that being said, here are 10 of my random thoughts from this morning's cardio session!

1) I wonder if Erin Stern thinks to herself, "Damn! I'm amazing!"

2) Why the f@#k is it so humid outside?!?!?

3) Eww!! There's the neighbor's icky cat!

4) I hope my wig doesn't fall off during my quarter turns.....

5) Why is this hour of cardio taking so long?!?!

6) Ok...I'm starting to smell my own funk...nasty....

7) Damn, I wish Chelsea was doing the show :(

8) What if I don't place? That would suck to be the hometown loser.....

9) Seriously, I need to shower....I smell like trash....

10) Oh thank God!! Cardio session #1 is OVER!!! 

Yes, I know - I'm a wacko :)


  1. ROFL @ #1...I think that too...
    oh, and #6 and #10.

  2. hahaha, too funny ... i have thought half that stuff too whilst working out, haha!!! :)

  3. This made me smile! It is amazing what goes through our heads when we are trying to bust out cardio!

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And I think Erin Stern seriously does. She definitely isn't nervous about her own competition.

  5. Hahaha I've never thought of the collection of strange things that go through my head during cardio, but you can bet I'm going to take note of them tomorrow morning during that grueling, awful, and yes stinky for me too :( 60 minutes.