Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's Next On The Agenda?!?!

If you're one of my friends on facebook, you may noticed that I posted something at the beginning of last week about getting back to work and being 14 weeks out. If you're not my friend on facebook or you missed this oh so important trivial status update, let me share with you what's next on the competition agenda!

I am now 13 weeks out from my next show! There has been a change in plans (AGAIN!) and I will not be competing in the Pacific USA show on August 13 as I was previously planning. I will now be competing at the NPC Border States in San Diego on October 29!!! I mentioned in my Hometown Glory! Part 2 post that two of my friends and I were talking about the possibility of doing a show together. Well, this is the show we're doing!! Reservations for the hotel have been taken care of (birthday gift courtesy of the hubs) and my registration form has been submitted!!  I'm also really excited about this show because it is held in conjunction with the IFBB Border States Pro Figure show!! I'm so excited about the possibility of running into a IFBB Pro...I may have to snap their picture like a paparazzo! :)

I wanted to take a moment to briefly talk about a comment that Lacey left because it's a question I've gotten quite a few times recently. But before I do, I want to tell you to check out Lacey's blog And Away She Goes. She is 9 weeks out from her first figure competition and I love reading what she has to say about prep, Bikram yoga, and just life in general!

Lacey said...

Tenecia you look so gorgeous up on that stage! I love seeing how often you do this!! How the heck do you keep doing show after show?! :)

My response is, "Thank you for the compliment - it's amazing what layers of MAC makeup can do for you!" and to the second part of her comment, "I don't know!"....LOL!!"

My body has been really good to me and has continued to respond to the rigor of working out and dieting. At times, my body has been slow to drop the weight and muscle mass but it has still done it. With that said, I don't anticipate knocking out 3 shows with about 13 weeks between each one again! The show in October will be my last for awhile - I need to take a break for "dieting" - my treadmill and I need to see other people :) I also have been able to do "show after show" this year because I have a great support system! My husband has been incredible as well as my family and his family! People often talk about this being a selfish sport and at times I think it might be but at other times, I feel like it takes a village to take care of and prepare a competitor for competition! I hope that answers your question, Lacey! If anyone else has any questions for me, please feel free to leave them in the comments or email me!

So, I'm coming off of the high of placing 2nd at my last show and looking realistically at what I need to do to walk away from my next show with a top placing. Operation Build-A-Back will be the focus of my training for the next 13 weeks. Tom has been talking about some of the workouts we'll be doing and I can already feel my back growing :) I also need to work on bringing down my legs and booty so the StairMill and I will be spending a ridiculous amount of time together.

There you have it....13 weeks out....I'm on to the next one....


  1. you amaze me! i wish i had half of your motivation and determination! looking forwarding to following along this time around too!

  2. Such an inspiration! Good luck with Operation Build-A-Back!! (Reminds me of the store Build-A-Bear...if only it were that easy!)

  3. awesome! we will be doing shows on the same day!!!
    and probably following simular training plans to build our backs!!!!
    heres to a great prep,and may the magic of hard work,discipline,blood,sweat and tears give us the physique we need to make those top (aheem,FIRST place) placings!
    ill be keeping a close eye on you!

  4. Woot!! So exciting. I want to come watch!! I love this and am so excited to watch you do amazing things yet again. More 'stairmonster' time is coming your way!! lol!

  5. Here is me sending you a prayer of power of mind and body to get through the next 13 weeks. You have done an incrediable job this year balancing life and training and diet. I admire you!

  6. Haha! Awwwwww! Thank you so much, you're so cute! :) I'm just even barely considering another show 4 weeks after my current one, and dieting for that much longer seems difficult.. that is why I say such things. haha! But you are a machine and I definitely admire your courage and covet your perserverance!

  7. That's awesome! SO super proud of you. I really don't even think you need that long to prepare, your body seems to bring it all together quickly. EXCITING!!!

  8. Awesome Tenecia! Your back will look amazing.

  9. Tenecia!!! Annie is the other favorite movie! I wore that one out too!