Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pack It In!

I'm working on packing my show bag (or should I say luggage?!?!) for Saturday....I usually pack more than I need but I believe it's better to have more than you need versus less!

I think what you take with you backstage really comes down to a matter of preference but here are some places you can go to view lists of what you need or see what other competitors bring with them.

  • Siouxcountry's thread entitled "Packing List for Figure Competition" - what I love about this thread is that it's not a set list. The list has expanded over time as members of the board add to it!
It looks like I'm going on a trip!
Here's some of what you will find in my backstage bag......
  • Wig
  • Extra set of yoga pants & jacket
  • Dixie cups (to pee in!)
  • Jewelry
  • First aid kit (you never know when someone might need a band-aid or alcohol wipe!)
  • Tampons
  • Bobby pins
  • Bikini Bite
  • Jan Tana Hi Def glaze & hand towel 
  • Safety pins
  • ipod & headphones
  • books & magazines
  • E600 glue & baggie of extra stones
  • Listerine 
I also take a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket so I can lay down and's nice to have a comfy place to rest while you're waiting for your turn on stage!!

With that said, I need to stop blogging & start packing! :)


    1. yay, yay, yay!!! I am so excited for you!!! Pack it all! :D Oh man, pictures galore Puh-lease!

    2. Hon, best of luck this weekend! We are all pulling for you!!!

    3. So excited for you!! I'll be thinking about you all weekend!

    4. Sweet! You're so incredible Tenecia!! Keep us updated!!! :)

    5. This is so awesome!! Thank you!!! Um....the dixie cup threw me off tho!