Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Is My Favorite Day!

Cropped my head out of this pic because I was making a
weird "I think I smell a fart" face!!
Happy Friday!!! I had today off so the hubs and I hit up some stores earlier, plan to watch some movies, and just do nothing! The pic above is the outfit I'm sporting today :) My shirt says "I Wear Pink For My Grandma" - my sister bought one for me, my mom, and herself. I love it! Check out my very cute bow flip-flops....a $10 purchase from DSW at the start of love love them!

I went to MAC to turn in my empty containers and left with a bag of new makeup! That wasn't the plan but at least one of the items was free! lol! I did buy one of the colors in their new fall collection (which has some creepy advertising goin' on....even Tom said the pictures in the store scared him a bit...). The color is Three Ring Yellow and I can't wait to try it out! I also bought some items from the winter collection (which isn't even out yet!!!) and I can't wait to share them with you in a couple of weeks!

Teavana recently opened here and since I had previously heard many good things about the tea they sell, I decided to stop by. I did buy their Youthberry White Tea which they say supports healthy skin and promotes body hydration. It was very light and wasn't too sweet. I won this tumbler in a raffle the store was having so I'm using that to justify the dollar amount I spent while there ;)

The picture below is from a couple of days ago (I apologize for the lack of progress pics this prep!) so this is where things stand with 2 weeks until showtime! Not horrible....not fantastic either! Bring on the cardio...this girl needs to drop some lbs & tighten things up!!! :)


  1. you've got it lady! I LOVE the calves. Woot!

  2. This post totally cracked me up! Between the fart & the make up purchase along with the clown pic..... I was seriously lol'ing my head off. You are looking great T! Bring on the cardio.....I know you will have a few bad a$$ sessions. Git it!

  3. MAC always does that! can't leave without picking up something ... i just can't go there anymore.

    you look hot! :0)

  4. I want to see your face =) I think you're looking spot on! Just about to hit peak week, you got this babe!!