Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Thoughts....


A couple of weeks ago, I shared some of the books that I was currently reading. This book by Dr. Hutchinson has NOT made me happy!! In fact, it's totally ruining my life!

Here are two reasons why:

1) On page 19, the question "When is it too hot to exercise?" is asked & answered. I live in Arizona where 361 days out of the year, it's hotter than Hades aka 421 degrees and that's at 5:00 am when I'm doing cardio....IN THE SHADE!!! The book's answer to the how hot is too hot question is that humans are good at automatically adjusting to hot conditions and can push beyond their limit when conditions are unusally hot. So much for using the AZ heat as an excuse to stay indoors and watch General Hospital!!

2) On page 27, the question is "How long does it take to get unfit?" and the answer is enough to depress me!! I think my body should take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to go back to the squishy chubby state is was in about a year ago however that is not the case. According to this book, Danish researchers found that it only took 2 to 3 weeks for subjects who reduced their physical activity to show a decreased ability to burn fat. What the what?!?!? Two weeks?!?!

I'm putting this book away and pretending like I never read it!

Last but not least, I want to share with you a book I wanted to BURN today when I saw it on the shelf at our library. I'm being a bit dramatic....I didn't want to burn it but my first thought was "Really?? You're writing books now?!?!"...I shouldn't call the book "crap" until I read it...but I'm almost too scared to touch it.... ;)

What are your thoughts on "JNL"?


  1. TWO FREAKING WEEKS? Are you for real? That is such crap. It takes MONTHS to get it and only two weeks to lose it. Ugh. I think you should put that book away lady, ha ha ha!

    So what is it first cardio or weights? For me, I have to do the one I hate the most first (cardio) or I won't do it at all. I love weights!

  2. What the sh#t? I am going to have another beer ....... lol!

  3. I need to come to your library because my library doesn't have the new books!JNL makes me want to eat a bowl of air or lettuce.

  4. ugh.2 weeks?
    and what does that book say-cardio or weights first?
    logic tells me weights first just bc when ou work out you are burning up the simple sugars first (carbs) and by the time you get around to cardio you are in more of a fat burning ready state. but in the flip side-if cardio is done first is still uses up the carbs first so when you get to weights......
    too much to think about right now,my brain is tired and i always do(in prep mode) fasted cardio,weights then more cardio,and then later before bed more cardio-not in prep,its weights first...
    anyways-JNL?have to read it first before i think about!

  5. OH my gosh that made me laugh! I love it.