Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello?? Is This Thing On???

Whew!!! It's been almost a week since I've updated this thing!! I apologize for that - this past week has been a DOOZY!!! Trainings/workshops to attend, workshops to facilitate, workouts, cardio, Mom duty, Wife Duty, possibility of cooties living in my's been a busy one!

First things first, I have to share with you the gift that Tom had shipped to me the other day.

Yep....chocolate egg whites from MuscleEgg! I am being completely honest when I say that I hate, despise, loathe eggs/egg whites. The Boss would often send me a meal plan with an egg whites meal listed and I would always whine share about the absence of egg love in my life :) If anyone ever hears me mention that I am craving hard-boiled eggs, then I'm pregnant and there will be some drama up in here! Anyway, I heard about these egg whites from MuscleEgg that are chocolate flavored and you can drink them. I told Tom that I wanted to order them but I'm a girl on a budget so I was still trying to decide if I should buy them or not. Wednesday morning the doorbell rings and there is  FedEx delivery person standing at my front door with a box from Muscle Egg! I was so excited...especially since it was almost time for Meal I busted out the container & poured myself a serving!

Yes, I'm ghetto fabulous...I drank them right out of a measuring cup! :)
They are very tasty and I think that I will add them to the meal rotation even when I'm not prepping! I've been having a serving of 1/2 cup each day and that roughly equals about 5 egg whites. I'll take it! *this is just my opinion - MuscleEgg did not ask me for a "review" of their product*

I love books! Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm one of the biggest bookworms in the world!! Working at the library helps feed my addiction for reading material and I've discovered some great books to read this past week. Here's what I'm currently reading:


One of the BoBettes enlightened me yesterday and I have to tell you, this is exactly why I love this group! We support, educate, slap some sense into (virtually, of course!), and encourage one another despite being in different parts of the country & world! Yesterday, I posted on our facebook page that I was doing this next show because the national qualification I received from my April show will expire before the 2012 national show I'm considering. The oh-so-knowledgeable Kari informed me that I was wrong and my qualification does not expire until the end of next year!!! My response to her was "SHUT UP!!!! Are you serious?!!?"  This information excites me greatly and worries Tom tremendously because he thinks I might slack off these last few weeks of prep since I don't "need" a top placing like we thought....hmm....the Nutella in my pantry does look tasty but it's 5 more weeks...I  can do this!!

Here's where I'm at with 35 more days to go...holding a bit of water but all in all....not as horrific as I imagined....

And to wrap up this neverending post, I want to share with you something that I've dreamt about the past 3 nights.....check out this post from Love Veggies and Yoga...seriously....who is going to make these bad boys & ship them to me??? Anyone???? Anyone???? :)


  1. You rock me world. I am ghetto fabulous too....Plates? Who needs 'em? ;)

  2. Today's title cracked me up. Funny!
    Egg whites. I love em. Love to drink them. Glad Tommy got you the chocolate ones. What a good hubby! I heart him!
    Books. I need to read more! I am intrigued by the titles you are reading right now! You must be a speed reader!
    35 more days! Whoot! Whoot!
    I am sorta sad that that Chili Cook Off is the day before your competition this year. Booo! Hiss! I am still SUPER DUPER excited for you though! You are going to look awesome!


  3. Lucky you live in AZ cause I would totally chop those legs of yours off if I could find a way to transplant them onto my body ;) Looking FANTABULOUS girl!

  4. stay away from the nutella and chug those egg whites!!!!!!
    35 days left---
    we got this!!!!

  5. chocolate egg whites?! what will they come up with next?! that's freaking awesome!

    and holding water where? i see no such thing! you look fabulous!!!