Sunday, September 18, 2011

The "O", Haircuts, and Progress Pics!

2011 OLYMPIA!!!! It's's a's in the let me share my thoughts about this year's "O" with you....

Erin Stern - Mr Olympia Weekend - IFBB 2011
Erin Stern looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!! When I saw her walk out on stage, I was just blown away not only by her physique but also by her quiet confidence. She looked comfortable and in her element. I am extremely disappointed that she did not walk away with the title. I'm not a Nicole Wilkins hater (I'm a fan actually) but I just feel like Erin is the definition/picture of "figure".

Teresa Anthony - Mr Olympia Weekend - IFBB 2011
Alicia Harris - Mr Olympia Weekend - IFBB 2011
I was also disappointed that  Teresa Anthony and Alicia Harris didn't place higher but finishing in the Top 6 at Olympia is not too shabby :)

I spent last night jumping between the live webcast and Siouxcountry. It's always fun to "talk" with the other members of the forum during shows and this show was no exception. Quite of a few of us stated that if Phil Heath did not win the Mr. Olympia title, we were going to riot. I may or may not have threatened to eat everything in my refrigerator, starting with the mayo, if he didn't win!. Well, there were no riots because Phil Heath is the 2011 Mr. Olympia!!!!! Let us take a few moments to leer gaze at him and his yumminess....

Phil Heath - Mr Olympia Weekend - IFBB 2011

Dear Phil Heath, I love you and want to touch you. 

Kai looked awesome this weekend and I'm pleased that he was awarded 3rd place (even though I had him in 2nd and Jay in 3rd). 

It's now 6 weeks out from Border States! This past week went well...I managed to get all of my cardio sessions completed except for was a pm cardio session....that night I changed into my workout clothes, sat down on the bed, then laid down on the bed, and you know the rest of that story! :) I've upped my water intake and there are a few extra trips to the restroom during the work day & in the middle of the night. I keep walking into the foot of the bed while making my 2:00 am potty break and have the bruise on my thigh to prove it!

Even at the hair salon, I'm a faithful member of Jug Nation :)
 No huge changes to the plan right now....just keeping an eye on things and we'll see what next weekend's pictures look like. For now, this is what I'm working with......

The Princess, my mom, and I went to get our hair cut yesterday. The Princess had asked me about bangs earlier in the week and I suspected that once she got in the chair she was going to ask the stylist to give her bangs. Sure enough, the word "bangs" was mentioned and the next thing I knew Nana (my mom) was telling The Princess she could have them! Just as an fyi, when Nana is around I do not exist and am not in

Here's how I feel about The Princess getting bangs.....

Here's how The Princess looks with her new 'do.....

I will admit....she looks cute....but I swear if she asks about dying her hair, I'm running away! :)


  1. hehe, she does look cute!

    and you are looking good yourself :)

  2. Phil won! It wasn't my guy, but he did get 5th. :) I really have no clue how they judge figure when it seems so close. The one I thought got completely looked was the nagrani lady. She clearly should have been top 10. And I don't normally care for her who knows.

  3. oh,the princess still looks beautiful,even with bangs....and YOU my dear are looking on point!!!
    6 weeks now,
    you got this!!!

  4. HAHAHA! You might be married and can't say that but I, however, can!

    Dear Phil,
    I love you and all your chocolatey goodness and definitely will touch you wherever you let me...
    Most affectionately,

    AND how do your quads always look so awesome? Lawd, you are lean on the lower body. Your quads look stage ready now! 6 weeks lady!! :)

  5. You are so ready! I envy how you stay so close to being stage ready. And I think princess looks frickin adorable!!

  6. Can I have your legs? Pretty please? I have been trying for 3 years now to get the tear drop cuts in my legs. It aint happening. Whats your secret? you look amazing girl. Your daughter is adorable. My opinion is out the door when the Grands are around too..

  7. Love the recap. It was amazing getting to watch some of it in person!

  8. T- you look insane! You are gonna kill it. I can't believe that photo was taken with 6 weeks still to go. Amazing. You have lucky neighbors, lol!

  9. HA HA..i'm enjoying your blogs!! and yea..i was disappointed with the placings of Alicia and Teresa too. I was at the Finals Show for Vegas...and when their names were called too head went down. I love going to Olympia...i plan on going to the Arnold next year too :)