Thursday, September 15, 2011

That's What's Up Thursday - Olympia Edition!!

It's Olympia weekend and 
these are some of 
the ladies that I will be cheering for!!

I will also be cheering on Phil "The Gift" Heath (hello, chocolatey muscley goodness!) 

as well as Kai "The Predator" Greene.

Let the games begin!

Being glued to my computer (all weekend!) to watch all of the live action on
now that's what's up!!! :)


  1. I didn't realize they broadcast the show on that site.... thanks for the heads up!!

  2. yeeeeee!
    go Erin,go Nicole,go Kai!!!!
    (yeah my picks-i think its gonnabe close bt Erin and Nicle!)

  3. Chocolatey muscley goodness.... Yeah, um... HELLO!!! God he's hot. Delicious. His skin really does look like chocolate and I want to lick it up..... OPPS! ;)

  4. Heath bar. Just throwin that out there...