Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not That You Asked....

but I'm going to share with you one of my pet peeves.

Caution - bitchiness up ahead!

I was at the grocery store stocking up on chicken breasts and veggies when this woman approaches me. She starts the conversation by saying how fit I look and how she really loves women with muscle. I'm no Erin Stern or Teresa Anthony so I'm a bit embarrassed by the attention but I thank her for the compliment. She looks into my shopping cart and makes a comment about the lack of junk food in my cart. I chuckle and explain to her that while I love junk food, it doesn't help me stay fit or healthy. The woman then asks me what I do on a daily basis to, and these are her exact words, "get that bod because I really want to change the way I look and feel". So, I proceed to explain to her what my daily workout and diet schedule consists of. As I'm talking, she starts making these weird faces while making comments like "oh really" and "that doesn't sound like any fun". When I'm done talking she says, "That just sounds like too much effort. I'm sure that you're making things more difficult and boring than they have to be". I smile politely, tell her I need to finish up my shopping, and wish her the best. 

I seriously HATE when people ask what you do, what you eat, etc to look the way you do and when they find out that it takes effort & work, they tell you that there's an "easier" way. I feel like smacking the shit crap out of them and screaming, "There is no EASY way. It requires work!!!"

If you already know that you want to hear that all it takes to maintain a healthy physique is a magic pill that you take while enjoying your Mountain Dew & Big Mac (I'm not hatin' on Big disgusting as they are, I do enjoy one now & again...) as you sit on your squishy ass, then don't waste my time by asking questions that you don't really want the answer to. It's annoying, it works my last nerve, and it interrupts my shopping.

Rant over - I will now return you to the regular, less bitchy programming of this blog ;)


  1. Wow! I can't believe she was so rude at the end. That would annoy me too. People just do not understand the way we live at all.

  2. WOW--could that woman be any more RUDE?? The amount of people I run into that want the easy way out of everything is ridiculous. We are not little kids anymore, we can't just get what we want if we whine about everything!

  3. augh!!! i can so relate to this post and totally agree with you!!! there is no such thing as "the magic pill"...
    unless of course you can bottle up effort,determination,drive and healthy active lifestyle full of good choices,good food and plenty of daily exercise/activity.....
    wow i could be a zillionaire if i could do that!

  4. Totally annoying! Next time, don't forget to mention you are an ATHLETE!!!!

  5. I feel you so much on this! I get so annoyed at sheer number of people who ask me for help then only to say ,"Oh i knew all that already". Abs are made in the kitchen not the drive through line! Tell em T...