Monday, September 5, 2011

Makin' It Look Easy...Sort Of...

I started my weekend off by squeezing slipping into my NAU booty shorts so I could cheer on the Jacks as they got the crap kicked outta them played against the University of Arizona Wildcats. This is the ONLY time during football season that I cheer against the Wildcats. I had to cheer for Northern Arizona University...I graduated from the school with a baby, baby daddy, & a Bachelor of Science degree...and isn't there some unspoken rule that no matter where you live you always have to cheer for your alma mater??!?!

The Princess and I hit up a couple of stores yesterday. I pretended that we needed to go to the Nike Outlet and she giggled when I told her that sometimes a girl just needs to buy herself something that makes her smile. Hey, it's true and she needs to learn this lesson before it's too late!! ;) The shopping trip was a success! The Princess snagged a cute pair of black & pink tennis shoes and I scored a couple of "yes, I'm better than you" t-shirts! Here's a pic of one of the shirts I now own....

I made it a point to get up early this morning so I could hit up the gym. It would have been smart of me to check what time the gym opened this morning since it's a holiday but guess what? I never claimed to be!! My home gym, Desert Sports & Fitness, wasn't open when I arrived so I had to decide whether I was going to turn around & go home or head over to the Gold's Gym where I have a second membership. I decided that I would be pissed at myself for the rest of the day if I went home so I drove to Gold's. I had a pretty decent back workout (I'm still adjusting to this gym so I'm always comparing it to my home gym) and hit up the StairMill for some "light" cardio. When I got home, progress pics were taken and let's just say I don't hate them but I don't love them either. I can definitely see improvements in my back but the rest of me is kinda squishy. I have to kill it these next 8 weeks!

So there you have it....8 weeks and squishiness to Mr. Ronnie Coleman says, "Ain't nuthin' but a peanut!"

And before I go....I leave you with a song you definitely need to have on your ipod (it was the theme song for my prep for the Orange County Muscle Classic) & a tennis player that needs to tell me her secret to her amazing biceps. Her name is Samantha Stosur...if you don't know, now you know :)



  1. I did NPC Border States last year :) Great show. I wish I still lived in Cali, I would come watch you rock that stage. You will kill it, you look amazing already! LOVE the T-shirt. I am a T-shirt fanatic. I can't get enough of them.

  2. I was watching tennis this past weekend too. Holy muscles! I love it!

  3. i love your taste in music ... probably because every song you have posted, i absolutely dig!!! :)

    hope you're seeing more improvemetn the last few weeks!