Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Need Answers

Over the past couple of weeks, I have come up with several questions that I require answers to. I have yet to come up with the answers on my own, so if you do have an answer - please leave it in the comments section!!!!

1)  Why does Cafe a La C'Art make my inner fat girl so happy??? The Sonoran brisket sandwich, a chocolate chip cookie, and the current book that I'm reading are the makings of a perfect lunch. This cafe is about a 5 minute walk from the library that I work at and I just know that if I'm not careful, I will eat here at least 3 times a week. If that happens, how will I fit into my date jeans?!?

2) Is it ever wrong to drink your dinner versus eating it? I'm not saying I'm a boozer but I would be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't happy that I can have "Big Kids Juice" now that prep is over. Sometimes, I would rather chug sip my dinner versus chew it. #cheers

3) Explain to me why there isn't a place in Tucson that sells super-size cupcakes. I'm tired of spending $3.00 on a cupcake that I consume in one bite. Wait....maybe most people don't shovel whole cupcakes into their mouths....whatever....that's not the point! Somebody needs to give their cupcakes steroids so my cupcake craving can subside!

4) What's the deal with Lululemon?!?!?! I went to the showroom they have here in Tucson because I had heard so much talk about their workout pants & how fabulous they were. Is it just me or is it kinda crazy that I have to go up a size in order to purchase a pant that I will be wearing while trying to go down a pant size?? Oh, and why is everything so frickin' expensive?!?! I saw the cutest shirt and bag but when I checked the price tags, I almost screamed. However, don't get me wrong - if I save enough of my allowance, I'm totally going back for them :)

5) Is there anything wrong with inhaling enjoying an almond croissant from Frogs Bakery while waiting at a red light?? If you say yes, then shame on you!!! There is nothing wrong with refusing to wait to enjoy the freshly baked goodness that is filled with a simple rum infused syrup and topped with almond cream & almonds. #stopjudgingme


  1. This is funny! I see nothing wrong with all of the above. :)

  2. Oh, I actually have the answer to #4! I used to work for lululemon and am a HUGE advocate of their clothes. Yes, you'll pay a little bit more, but your clothes will last you for YEARS. They're fade and stretch resistant, so they will look the exact same in 4 years as they did the day you bought them. I don't know about Tucson, but people here use the black pants as sort of a multi-purpose pant, so you see ppl wearing them to work, going out, doing errands, and of course at the gym/yoga. As for the sizes, my weight has fluctuated 35lbs in the last year and I fit into my pants/top at *almost* all those weights.

  3. Enjoy away! Three shows in one year! Heck, have 10 muffins. :) Cute read.

  4. hahahaha!T,i love this!
    my question list is very simple...
    HOW do gummi bears keep falling into the grocery cart???

    enjoy the simple things girl!youve had a great year!!!!!

  5. you have made me terribly hungry now. that is the only thing wrong with your post, haha.

    enjoy yourself! you deserve it! :)

  6. You sound JUST like me in this post!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE sweets. Lululemon is definitely overpriced, but the good news is that their stuff lasts. I wear their shorts all the time!

  7. girl…I am soooo with you!
    1. No answer
    2. I would be a big fat liar too if I said it was wrong to save calories for booze…It makes me occasionally happy, plus I have kids so it is a requirement….PLus they(who is they?) say beer is a good recovery drink after cardio…so there
    3.Bitesize cupcakes are just wrong…make your own and make them big…well, I would suggest just make a big cake, because after all that is really a cupcake….(but you are going to be disappointed later)
    4.Can't bring myself to spend 80$ on fancified Jeggings even if it does make my ass look awesome, regardles off going up a size. Those pants are for fancy pants people….Sweats come in one size and basically the same price
    5. eating at a redlight…shame on you…that should be enjoyed at a table with a hot toddy

    Love your blog, glad I found it and I'll be back, watch out

  8. LMAO!
    I'll take a buzz every now and then. I turn into Fun Lacey. Good times are had by ALL at that point! ;)
    Cupcakes should regularly be large. I think that's called "Cake" though.
    F*CK LULULEMON. I couldn't give a SHIT what kind of clothes they make. I ain't spending my hard earned cash at their frilly pansy store. And I ain't tryin to go broke! Or impress the panies that jaunt around my gym with their 5 lb. weights. Whatevs.
    Pff! I love croissants. I'll eat them anytime anywhere. Except on prep. ;)

  9. Thanks for cheering me up with this post. Lulu pants cost a lot! I love alcohol & eating at a red light is awesome.......