Friday, November 18, 2011

Wrong Again

So Tom is always giving me crap about the fact that I always
look down when I'm walking.
I've explained to him numerous times that I only look down
because I'm a klutz and I'm trying to make sure
I don't trip over anything.

After finals of Border States, he scolded me because he
said I looked down the entire time of my 
individual presentation.
I called him a liar, told him that I knew I looked up at the crowd,
and he should stop exaggerating.

From the show's photographer

In every single photo of my individual presentation, 
I'm looking down at the ground!!!

I hate it when my husband's right
and I'm wrong! 


  1. Ha ha ha... oh man... it really sucks when they are right. Its hard NOT to look down when you are wearing 5 inch heels, dehydrated and NERVOUS :) You look fab!

  2. dang! and yeah it does suck when they are right!
    but in your defense,you still look damn good wether your looking down or up!!

  3. ugh, i hate it too! i wish i could be wrong and look half as good as you being wrong!