Monday, November 21, 2011

Ramblin' & What Not!

Last Saturday, Tom filmed me giving an update on what's on the schedule for next year, feedback from the judges, etc. It's a 9 minute rambling session....view at your own risk! :)


  1. What you said about not wanting to throw money at a show you're not prepared for... I totally understand that. Sometimes reality wins lol. And I definitely relate to enjoying eating the same meal as your family! Carbs at dinner? Suuuure!!

    I'm sure everything will play out next year exactly the way it's meant to. As long as you keep listening to your body and following your gut. Sounds like you've got your head screwed on right girl :)

  2. Love this. You are absolutely beautiful! I am loving the little freedom's that come with eating dinner as a family (even though I tend to alter my portion) as well. Its the simple things in life. I look forward to watching you kick some bootay in 2012! Big hugs!

  3. I loved listening to you "ramble."
    You are fabulous and I cannot wait to hear whatever you decide to do and follow along.
    Although, it would be awesome if you came to Colorado. ;)


  4. T! You rock. Plain and simple.
    I honestly, as a competitor, I like hearing what everyone does in the offseason. It genuinely makes me not feel so alone in my own struggles. :) You are beautiful and so cute to see in person (video)!

  5. You are adorable. Seriously. I love that you're happy with the judges feedback. I can't wait to see what happens in 2012 with you. I look up to you and am excited to follow your journey! Oh, and I love the recorder, hehe!

  6. I loved all 9 minutes of it, recorder an all! It sounds like you're in a fabulous place and just enjoying life, family, work, and the gym soon. 2012 is going to be awesome! And yes, you may just need a bit of a breather. :D