Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Reflections

I'm so incredibly boring right now....I've been trying to come up with witty fun things to blog about and I've been coming up dry as the Sahara Desert! I don't want to just slap a post on this thing just for the sake of saying I blogged today but I know I need to get my shit together!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I want to talk about a thread I stumbled upon this morning when I was on siouxcountry. The thread is entitled 2011 Reflections: Did You Meet Your Competition, Fitness, and Health Goals? I didn't post a reply in the thread to the questions that were asked but thought I would do it here.

Did you meet your competition, fitness, and health goals?

I set out at the beginning of this year with the goal to place in the top 5 of each of the shows I competed in. I am happy to say that I did accomplish that. I did have the unspoken goal of winning my class & overall at the NPC Terminator that was here in Tucson in July but I fell short of accomplishing this particular goal. I also wanted to compete at a particular weight and I was always a few (5) pounds away from that goal each time I stepped on stage.

What/who did you find helped you the most in meeting your goals?

I have said time & time again that I have the best team of supporters that make it possible for me to compete. My husband & trainer Tom is incredible - not only on the homefront but also in the gym. My parents who watch The Princess when we travel for shows. My friends like Chelsea and the Bobettes who fill my life with positivity, laughter, and perspective. Last but definitely not least, The Boss! There is NO way that I could have stepped on stage time & time again without her direction, guidance, brutal honesty, sense of humor, and friendship.

If you did not meet your goals, what will you change to be sure you achieve your goals? What stopped you from meeting those goals? How will you avoid that pitfall in the future?

I believe next year's competition season will see a fiercer, more competitive Tenecia. My desire for improvement is off the charts and I want to blow everyone's mind, including my own when I step on stage. I am going to be more dedicated to my workouts especially during this off-season. I'm going to REALLY give running a shot and stop saying that I am. I'm also going to be 115% on my dieting - no nibbles, no cheats, no sips, nada but what's on the plan.

What about you? Did you meet your 2011 competition, fitness, or health goals?


  1. A more fierce you? WATCH OUT world :) I can't wait to follow you through the next year. Maybe one of these days we will end up at the same show!

  2. Uhh oh! I feel a blog chain coming! ;)

    You're beautiful, T. No worries about not blogging a ton. :)

  3. I didn't reach a single goal, but I am not sure I had any clear goals other than recovery... and another recovery. Bwahahaha.

    Here's to a fiercer T!

    And thanks for the shout out! You rock socks!

  4. Thanks Tenecia. You helped me reach my goal for 2011 and I heart ya for it!!!

    I am going to have to start running for my mini triatholon. So, here's to running in 2012!!

    Run Forrest! Run!