Thursday, December 8, 2011

Extreme or Dedicated?

Today, I read a blog post by Pauline Nordin that was featured on the Muscle & Fitness hers website. The post is entitled "How I Got Buff" and I just want to briefly talk about my reaction to the post.

My initial reaction to the article was "Damn, that woman is extreme!!" Pauline lists 32 things she did to build her physique and achieve such a high level of muscularity. She writes that she didn't stop her training when she had a cold or was sick. She states that she never missed a workout for many years and never did "lighter" workouts when she felt worn out. She talks about being a steroid free weight trainer and applying "ultra intensity" to her workouts to compete with those that used steroids.

After getting over my initial reaction and rereading the items that Pauline lists, I realized that she is not extreme...more like dedicated. I also realized that many of the items she listed, I and other competitors have done. We have given up partying and drinking alcohol. We've eaten the same 6-8 meals, day in and day out, without missing a single meal. We've planned out every workout down to the smallest detail, analyzed workouts after they've been completed, and walked out of the gym vowing to return the next day to give 115%. We've dedicated ourselves to molding & shaping a physique that is a work of art.

First, I felt like a slacker after reading all of the things I used to do but am not currently but you know what? Everyone needs some downtime and I'm enjoying mine. However, this post is a reminder of the Tenecia I need to be after my "break" is over. I think the picture in Becca's Cat Mom Guilt post says it best.....


  1. I will have to read her article. Thanks for pointing it out. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love it. I love these women and how powerful they are. Not just their bodies, but most definitely their minds. One day I will have a mind like that woman.

  3. I agree, Tenecia! While I was initially surprised by some of the things she listed, I also almost immediately realized that all serious competitors have a similar mindset. It takes dedication and near obsession to be so successful in one's chosen field. Moderation will only result in mediocre results.

  4. Pauline is very extreme, girl! I have copies of her fighter works and it is very similar to my vegetarian diet regarding quantity of food (tons!), but she trains nutso all year...her BF is very low and not necessarily maintainable. She looks like a phenom though!

    How are you!?!?! I will be posting pics of progress soon! I'm up 8 pounds! Have you thought any more about physique yet?!

  5. you are def. dedicated too! i love the picture! bring it on 2012! :)