Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Foodie Penpals Reveal!!!

April was the first month that I participated in the Foodie Penpals. If you interested in reading about what I received in my first box, you can check out my post here.  I had so much fun the first month, I definitely had to sign up for May!!

For an official description of the Foodie Penpals program and sign up for the upcoming month, head over to the  Foodie Penpals page!

The Lean Green Bean

I had the awesome pleasure of receiving a box from Denise at We Love to Cook! Now I have to tell you that her blog is nothing short of amazing! Denise features delicious recipes as well as information about different cooking techniques (check out her post on slicing - very informative!).

wax seal not shown..he he :)
The first thing I noticed when I opened my box was this beautiful envelope with a wax seal! I love wax seals - I insisted on having them on my wedding invitations! Inside the envelope was lovely card written in the most gorgeous handwriting...I'm so envious of anyone who can write in cursive that doesn't look like chicken scratch! :)

Who doesn't take their gifts to work to open?!? ;)

While looking through the box, I found a small item delicately wrapped in tissue paper. My first thought was, "I wonder what food item can you wrap in tissue paper...??" Well it turns out it wasn't a food item, it was.....

A bracelet!!! The bracelet is make of wine corks and some of them are painted in a lovely purple/wine color. I was not expecting any accessories but I'm so happy Denise included it - I love it!

There was a treat that I found in the box that when I saw it, I began jumping up & down (no joke!) and screaming "shut up! shut up!". It was a Chick-O-Stick! Now Denise had absolutely NO way of knowing this but this was one of my favorite candies when I was younger. I don't like coconut but for some reason, I don't mind it when it's on a Chick-O-Stick! The candy is made of peanut butter and rolled in coconut. If you've never had it, you're missing out. I can't eat it right now due to prepping for my shows but it's been placed in my post-show treat bag. I'm so excited about gobbling it down - lol!

Other items in the box included Godiva coffee, pecan smoked sea salt, Ballpark Nacho sauce with cheddar & jalapenos (I can't wait to open that!), pasta de harina (wheat pellets), and sesame snaps! Do you see why I'm in love with this box?!?!

Thank you so much Denise for sending me such an incredible gift! I really appreciate it and will enjoy every last item in the box!

If you're interested in seeing what type of box I sent to Karin at Savor the World, head over to her blog and read her "Treats from Arizona" post.

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