Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Signs of the Times

When I prep for a show, I usually say that the sh!t starts to feel real when the countdown of weeks changes to single digits. In addition to the countdown, there are other signs that tell me that show time is thisclose to being here!

Oops..should have taken the picture before tearing open the envelope :)

Receiving your new suit in the mail is a clear indication that your show is right around the corner. Trying on said suit and feeling like a sausage in it is also a sign that you need to kick it into high gear so you don't look like a hot mess while on stage!

I'm pretty certain that our mailman hates us but...that's not what we're talking about right now! Another sign is packages of peak week and show day items you need arriving at your doorstep. I love receiving mail that isn't a bill (who doesn't!??!) and I also love adding all of my necessities to the shelf in the hall closet we've designated at the "Show Zone"

Tickets to the "gun show"!
Tickets!! The theatre where the NPC Terminator is being held is actually right down the street from my library branch. Last week during my lunch break I took a stroll to the box office and purchased tickets for Tom and The Princess. The Princess decided that she would like to attend the evening show because "I need to see you get your trophy, Mom"...from her lips to God's ears :)

Last sign that I'll share today is the number of meals eaten post-workout in the gym parking lot increases exponentially! I honestly don't know what it means to enjoy a meal at my kitchen table, on a plate, eaten with a fork as my show draws nearer. I think I should probably add this to the "You Know You're A Figure Competitor When..." list, shouldn't I?

The signs are all around me!!! It's almost here!!! Eeek!!! I'm scared and nervous....more than I've been for any of my past shows. I'm not sure why this is but I keep looking at the picture below to help me keep my fear in check.....



  1. You, a sausage?!?!

    I love reading your blog because I get to ancitipate what's going to be happening in about two months ;-) haha

  2. Girlie, you've proved time and again, you have what it takes. I CAN NOT wait to see your pics and you holding another trophy!

  3. Very exciting when it get to single digits!!! whoo-hooo!!!

  4. You will do awesome! Can't wait to see the pictures!