Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in Business, Baby!!!

HOLA!!!! Did you miss me?!?! You know that I'm not one for excuses so I won't be making any about my absence from my blog. I will just say damn the Olympics! They ruin routines and sleeping patterns but are oh so amazing!! :)

I have been relaxing, hanging out with my friends, going to concerts, and getting into mischief! I even have proof :)

At the casino before the Pitbull concert
Sassy dress, shoes, and a beverage - watch out now!
Ready to drop it like it's hot....dale!
Pitbull singing "International Love"

In addition to playing and having fun, I was busy taking care of my responsibilities as Mom to the World's Cutest Princess! I sent my little lady off to 6th grade last week! As I watched her get on the bus, I remembered her first day of school and how I couldn't believe how fast she was growing up. That was six years ago and I still feel the same way! I posted the following photo and message after I watched her bus drive away:

"I sent my daughter off to her first day of 6th grade today. These moments are reminders that her father & I have been blessed. These are moments we were never supposed to have. I am so thankful for each breath, each smiled, each flipping of the hair, each roll of the eye, each hug, each milestone. My heart is full!"

I went to visit some friends in Phoenix this past weekend and I had such a great time. I hadn't visited in quite some time due to schedules, prep, life, you name it. The trip was my last big splurge before I have to buckle down and start getting ready for my next show (more on that later this week!)

We always bust out the wigs!

Double trouble :)

There are two things I would like to share with you before I go. The first is an exclusive discount code that you can use at kohls. I was contacted by Kohl's a short time about one of my Sweat to Street posts and they  provided a discount code that not only I but you, the readers of my blog, could use until August 23. The code is BLOGIT10 so go get yourself something nice! Thanks, Kohl's!

The second is a great post I was able to participate in put together by the incredible Kellie Davis of Mother Fitness. I, along with some fabulous fit women, share our recommendations for the best sports bra. We've taken the guess work out of buying a sports bra.Trust me, you want to read this post! Check out "Fit Females Help You Find a Bra for Every Sport" and let me know what bra you would recommend.

I hope you all are doing well...I'm not gonna lie...I've missed you....shhhh....don't tell anyone ;)


  1. You look so fabulous! I want to be jealous about the Pitbull concert but I'm happy for you, lol.

    Looks like you've been having a great time!

  2. Ahh you look great! So fit and so happy! =)

  3. Love the part about the little princess! I think every mom has that same tug on her heartstrings as we send them off for the 1st day of school. Take care.

  4. You deserve the little break. You have been working so hard. You look beautiful, healthy and happy. :) Glad your back. ;)

  5. Yes! Have fun!
    You are gorgeous lady!

  6. Love all your outfits! Love Pitbull, so jealous you went to the concert! Can't believe you have a 6th grader. I think the kids that are lucky enough to have parents that are competitors are being set up for a successful life, but especially little girls. What an amazing role model you are for her!