Friday, August 3, 2012

Determined vs Unrealistic

I know most of you have heard the quote "ask and you shall receive". Well, I asked for feedback from the head judge at the AZ Open show and the other night, I received it.

The email contained the P word. Yep, it contained the word I have literally been working my butt & muscle off to avoid.


Once again I have been told that I am too muscular for figure. Once again I have been told that I need to consider changing divisions. Once again I am being told "your physique is awesome...BUT..."

As I do with all the feedback I receive, I forwarded it to The Bosses. In my message to them, I asked a simple question.

"Truthfully, am I just being completely ridiculous & stubborn 
by not giving up figure and making the switch?"

I ask The Bosses the question above while asking myself "When do you cross the line from determined to unrealistic?"

I am determined to be successful in figure. There is something inside of me that tells me that I could be a serious threat in this division. At times I can picture myself winning my pro card at a national show and going on to compete on the pro stage.

I know I can do this. I know it to my core.

But I wonder if what I think I know is really me just being unrealistic in my goals and expectations?

Is it possible that the people who are waving physique in front of me know something that I don't? Are they privy to some piece of information I haven't received yet? Are they smarter than me?

I don't have the answer to any of those questions but one thing is certain, I will not be switching divisions this year. I still love figure deeply and I know it's not time for us to go our separate ways.

You might call it unrealistic. I call it determined. Let's agree to disagree.



  1. I think if figure it something you are passionate about then you should continue to go for it - don't give up on your dreams! However, if you are curious about body building but nervous to start, then you gotta put the nervousness aside and take a risk! you'll be great either way :)

    1. Thanks for the advice - I definitely have some thing to think about! :)

  2. Tenecia,i think its a smart you are going to stay with figure. if it is what you feel you need to do,then listen to your passion and drive and continue running down your dreams!
    AND you will *know* when or if the time is right to make the switch.
    but for some reason,i foresee you chasing down that dream!

    just to throw an idea your way,
    they are actually having an OCB event in AZ this year,and you may want to give it a shot and get your IFPA pro card
    OCB judging trend is lean,athletic and muscular-and imho,i think you stand a good chance to turn pro through IFPA
    check out there event schedule-the show is october 27th-held in conjuction with the Yorton Cup

    just a thought...

    and no matter what you choose to do,you will succeed at it!
    you are definantly one of those people who has enough determination and grit to do anything you put your mind to----your just cool like that!!!

    1. I knew I could count on some sound advice from you, Melissa! I have actually considered the OCB but just haven't quite gotten to the point where I've entered a show. I'm determined to keep fighting - I don't have it in me to do anything less!

  3. I agree with Melissa. Try the OCB and come in super lean!!! You have a much better chance there than the NPC since they like soft little bodies. You have an amazing structure and symmetry. I wish I had your ability to put on muscle! I'm very jealous of your genetics :-) In my humble opinion, you keep fighting your genetics and continue to try to kill your muscle and (for what I read) you like to lift heavy like a badass. You'll never be able to do this anymore since you already have more muscle than what they're looking for in the NPC.

    I think you have to decide what you want the most and be realistic with the type of body you have (which is awesome). I think you have 4 options
    1) keep fighting in figure in the NPC (IMO, it will be very hard the way the criteria is right now)
    2) compete in the NPC for fun regardless of the placing
    3) move to physique with the NPC and have a better chance
    4) or move to an organization that rewards your current physique (OCB & IFPA)

    I really admire your drive and dedication and I wish I had half of your determination. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll succeed :)


    1. I have so many opinions about the way figure is being judged these days...but you already know that based on the conversations we've had ;) There are several paths in front of me in terms of what I'll do next season - it's just a matter of choosing one.

      Thank you for your insight and support! I appreciate it!!

  4. I have no advice as I've never done anything like that, but I love your determination, and know that the mental game is a HUGE part of what it takes to succeed. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by my blog!

  5. You have a beautiful physique and so much potential! My objective opinion ... you're perfectly suited for physique, as you put on muscle easily and like to train hard. That's not to say you can't be successful in Figure, though. I believe you have a future in either division - it just depends on how you want to train and what package you want to bring to the stage. There seems to be a disconnect from the way you want to train and the division in which you want to compete. Unfortunately, it may come down to picking one over the other. Train heavy as you like to do, compete in Physique. Tone down the training, compete in Figure as you like to do. It's a tough situation, but at the same time, you're blessed to have so many paths of opportunities. It's up to you the direction you want to take and we're all here to support you 100%! Follow your dreams, wherever they may take you! :)

  6. You have to go the distance and be ready to do whatever it is that you do. Figure may be your thing or Physique may be your thing. You are exploring all possibilities and going for gold in the life of T; and that is all that matters. Having unanswered questions is not a fun way to live. You are getting answers and if you move to Physique you will be fully ready to make the move.
    Team T! Woot!