Thursday, August 16, 2012

Playlist Thursday: Local Flavor

Playlist Thursday is this great weekly posting that Pavement Runner features on his blog guessed it...Thursdays! Each week, he features a theme and shares one song that is something old, another that is something current, and one that is something to consider. I find myself heading over to Pavement Runner each Thursday to see what songs are going to be featured and felt brave enough to participate this week!

This week's theme is "Local Flavor" and since I'm girl who grew up in a predominantly Hispanic part of the city, my flavors are going to be heavily influenced by that. Here are some of the songs that add some flava' (I had to add a dash of ghetto fabulousness up in herrr' to my life!

Something Old

Artist: Selena

Title: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom 

Side note: I spent many days learning how to do the cumbia to this song. I just wanted to move my hips like Selena did!

Quotable: "Mi corazon se enloquece y me empieza a palpitar."

Something Current

Artist: Wisin & Yandel featuring Jennifer Lopez

Song: Follow the Leader

Side Note: I first heard this song one morning on one of the Spanish television stations and it instantly reminded me of one of the clubs my friends & I go to in Phoenix!

Quotable: "Baby, the way that I'm working my body. Can tell that you already like it. I make you lose your cabeza, go loca."

Something to Consider

Artist: Ozomatli

Song: Can't Stop

Side note:  I love this song!! This band comes to Tucson quite frequently and they put on the best show! I love their fusion of different types of music and their songs have some really great messages!

Quotable: "You can't stop, can't stop at yesterday. Cause we gotta move in a different way."

What about you? What songs represent your local flavor? I love discovering new music so please share!!


  1. Great list! Ozomatli rocks! Santana came out with a recent album and I was going to put him on my list, but not sure if folks would want to run to guitar.

  2. I LOVE that song by Wisin y Yandel! I like the one by Ozomatli, too! Great picks!

    I lived in Vegas for the past 6 years so I learned to love cumbia and salsa - anything with a latin flair!

  3. selena. oh mannnn. that takes me back!

  4. I love the CD "The Workout" by Sticman. My favorite songs are "Let it Burn", "Back on My Regimen", and "Runners High". Check them out on Youtube. They are great songs.