Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Could Be Love...

What's up? What's up? What's up?

Wait...I just had a flashback of that one Budweiser commercial....lol....

Last week was all about love and because I'm a rebel, I waited to do this post until today :)

Here are the things that I like alot....maybe even love.... ;)


 I love them! They have always been my sanctuary, my saving grace. 
Being a librarian is an amazing gift because I have the opportunity to introduce people, of every age, to the beauty of reading. 
Best thing ever!!

photo credit:
FitFluential's official Instagram account

I love searching the #FFCheckin hashtag at the end of the day to see recaps of what people have done throughout the day to get them one step closer to their fitness goals, whatever that may be. It's a great way to find motivation, encourage others, and receive support so if you're on Instagram, start using the hashtag!

Also, if you're on Instagram and we're not following each other - let's fix that! You can find me HERE

I found this hat last weekend at Wet Seal and knew that it needed to be mine.
It's a bit smartass...but hey...so am I! :)

This salsa.
So flippin' good! 
I have to thank my friend Richard in San Fran for introducing me to it. I'm trying not to eat it with a spoon but y'all know how I get when I find something I like... #getinmybelly

Yep, I took a picture of my butt! #dontjudgeme

Do any of you watch Girl Code on MTV? It's so hilarious.
I was watching an episode the other night and they were talking about lingerie. One of the girls said that a new pair of panties can make you feel like a model, even when you know you're not one.

That's how I feel about these cute boy shorts my sister-in-law bought for me. They're soft, fit amazing, make my butt look juicy, and who doesn't love smiley faces?!?!

My new Iron Gals shirt!

 I recently discovered that the guys behind Iron Gals & Iron Bros work out at my gymI am a huge fan of supporting local businesses. I love that I can order my supplements and they will hand deliver them to me at the gym - hello, amazing customer service! 

I love the message behind Iron Gals and have become slightly obsessed with using the hashtags #strongher, #irongals, and #strengthisbeauty.

*p.s. They offer shipping at a reasonable price so go ahead and stock up!

The Princess, first thing in the morning <3
This face! 

I love this face so much! 

I love her laugh, her quick wit, her determination. 
I love how she doesn't know the meaning of quit.
I love that she's equal parts soft and tough.
I love that she will still blow her mom kisses and say 
I love you in sign language each morning as the bus pulls away.


  1. I'm a big fan of books too. I appreciate having a kindle, but seriously prefer books. I worked for Waldenbooks for 5 years so I blame it all on that (and my mother LOL)

  2. I love the way you love books. I use to love books so much when I was younger and trying to get back to that.

    Want to lend me your hat? I love it.

    That salsa sounds amazing! Where did you find it?

    I'm so judging you for the wink on your behind! I need one too ;)

  3. So much fun in this post! I don't search the #FFCheckin tag nearly as much as I should. :)