Monday, March 24, 2014



Quarter turns.

Model Poses.

I'm not saying I suck at them.

I'm not even saying that I hate them.

I'm just saying that they make me feel ridiculous and if I could compete without having to do them, that would make me a very happy girl! 

All of my posing "instruction" has come via email critiques from The Boss. I would send her my pictures and she would inspect each one and tell me what I needed to change about it each pose. Several times I sent her videos of my posing practice and she responded with her suggestions & a video of her own posing. I had always wanted to receive "hands-on" training but there was always some reason why I couldn't.

Until I saw the flyer below on Instagram and Twitter!

photo credit

I adore Jessie Hilgenberg and have been a fan since the moment I saw the pictures of her winning her pro card at USAs. I quietly stalk follow her on Instagram and when she posted that she was going to hold a posing seminar, I knew I had to go. I talked it over with Tom and while he swears my posing is perfect, he agreed that it would be smart of me to go to the seminar.

From my Instagram - stuck in traffic outside of Phoenix! 

I was a bit nervous driving to Scottsdale. As I kept driving, random questions kept popping up in my head. What if Jessie said I was a lost cause? What if I tripped & fell? What if I looked like The Nutty Professor when I put on my sports bra & shorts compared to the other figure girls that would be there? I was right outside of Phoenix when traffic came to a complete stop. As I sat there cursing people out patiently waiting for traffic to move, I realized that I needed to shut off my self-doubt and quiet the negative voices in my head. I told myself that my homework was to walk away with at least two posing tips that I could work on consistently.

Traffic finally started to move, my GPS guided me to Independence Gym, and I walked in ready to do the damn thing. Jessie was at check-in table greeting each attendee, looking all amazing & shit, and I had a total fan girl moment. Inside of my head, of course, because I didn't want her to call security. She asked me my name, stamped my hand, looked straight at me and said, "My god, woman. You are super gorgeous! I love your hair! And those lips! You're such a hottie!".

Ummm.....say what?!?!!?

I giggled, told her to shut up (yes, I actually said that. Thank goodness she laughed), and went to find a seat.

Can you see my peanut head wwwaaayyy in the back?? :)

I'm not going to go into all the details about the the seminar but I will tell you that it was an amazing experience. Jessie worked one-on-one with the girls in my group and gave each of us quality feedback. I learned so much, even as a "veteran" competitor, about how to best present myself to the judges. I have been practicing every chance that I get because you know what they say? Practice makes perfect!

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 I'm wearing in the pics above, 
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And one more picture before I go.....

10 weeks out from the NPC Dennis James Classic on May 31st....

Oh...I didn't tell you that I quietly started prep a few weeks ago?? :)


  1. How awesome is that?! Such an amazing opportunity, YaY!!
    I love her too! You look freaking amazeballz woman.
    I'm so glad you're competing. =)

    1. It was such an amazing opportunity! I'm so glad that I was able to go...still pinching myself! :)

      And thank you! I'm always nervous that the body won't come together but *shrugs*...gotta trust the process!


  2. OMG she is so incredible, I'm jealous you got to pose with her!!

    You look incredible, T. INCREDIBLE. Your abs look better ALL the time. How?! HOW?!?!?!

    1. She was the coolest person ever! She talked with us, laughed with us, and just hung out like a "regular" frickin' cool!

      And thank you - thank you - thank you! I really think my body really appreciated the "time off"...hopefully it was worth it...we shall see!


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